As we all know about Huawei, which is a phone company and based on the Android OS. Huawei has recently declared and filed a patent and trademark for its new Huawei OS, ark OS. In the recent last year, Huawei earned a good profit and got a massive reputation in the market.

It provides unique specifications in mobile phones at a reasonable price. But there is an enormous turnover by the company, i.e., it deciding to build its new OS names as Ark OS.

Huawei Secretly Building its New OS Called Ark OS

According to the various news, it clearly stated that Huawei might not be able to access the google platform anymore. So, now for its future devices and smartphones, Huawei is secretly designing its new OS, i.e., Ark OS. Introducing a new OS and success is not easy as we have seen with windows and various other operating systems.

Everything You Need to Know About Huawei's New Ark OS
Everything You Need to Know About Huawei’s New Ark OS

The rising of war between China and the USA resulted in restrictions for Huawei for using Android OS. However, it is not just that Google will permanently discard Huawei, but still, Huawei creates its backup for such a situation.

Impact Of This Problem

  • This restriction created a problem for company owners and users using Huawei phones. Once the google license has been expired, the user will no longer be able to operate the google play store and even various google merchant stores.
  • The customers will no longer be able to use google popular platforms like YouTube, Maps. However, Huawei is giving their best to get out of this problem and remain their customers constant on their phones.
  • This restriction also means that the owner of a Huawei mobile will not download any apps from the google play store. This Chinese mobile phone was restricted from doing business with North American companies by the federal government.
  • Not only Huawei but the USA also targeting big Chinese firms to shut down because of a trade war with China. Various tech companies were also targeted, and the USA already sent them to notice to cancel the partnership because of this trade war with China.

How will Huawei Survive Without Google?

  • After listening about this trade war, many users got offended because of no longer able to use google. So, for satisfaction, Huawei’s Managers said in an interview that Huawei was soon introducing its new Ark OS.
  • The OS will be estimated to launch in 2020. However, the date is not confirmed by the company.
  • The company executives give the statement that we have a backup plan so no one will able to shut down. Therefore, this statement helps their customers to get out of their tensions; they will get more useful features.
  • However, the design is not finalized yet, but the executives said our customers will get the best things ever.
  • Currently, Huawei is struggling to face this situation and becomes independent. The company is at risk as it is not easy to manage with their new OS, also beat the Android OS, which is leading for many years.


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