Trump’s administration has banned Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei from doing business with any of the American companies. As of now, they have provided a 90-days window and Huawei can wrap up all the unfinished business with the companies. Huawei now won’t be able to work either with Google or Microsoft operating system. Hence the company created its own OS secretly.

Reports Say That Huawei’s Android OS is Named Ark OS

There are reports that Huawei has filed a named called “Ark OS” with German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). The company filed this patent on the 24th of May.

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Huawei’s Ark OS
Huawei’s Ark OS

Huawei filed patents for certain elements designs of a particular interface. The company shared the screenshots of the menus present inside the interface. This interface is different than the interface that EMUI. The screenshots show Android apps which means OS supports the android apps. The users will be able to download them from any third party providers.

Huawei’s Ark OS
Huawei’s Ark OS

The phrase “Android Green Alliance” has been observed repeatedly in Ark OS’s screenshots. This Android Green Alliance is nothing but tying up with some well-known companies like Alibaba and Tencent. The companies formed this alliance some years ago to set standards for the apps.

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The role of this alliance in Ark OS is still unknown but it can act as a measure to check the standards of the app. The quality, performance, and operations of the apps can be measured in the new OS with the help of this alliance. Huawei hasn’t announced the debut date of this new OS but it is planning to bring the OS into the market before the end of its 90-day timeline.


  1. This could backfire on America if the new OS turns out to be better than Android. China will then do deals outside of the US to ensure Ark is on pretty much all current Android phones.


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