Venturing into a new space, Acer unveiled ebii – its first-ever e-bike that’s made for simple commuting in cities.

Without mentioning the price or its availability, Acer touted a number of smart features like collision detection, airless tires, auto lock, speed checks, etc. Riders can access most of these features and recommended routes through a dedicated app, while Acer says the ebii’s charger can also be used for powering its laptops and smartphones!

Acer’s ebii is a Typical Offering

Acer, the Taiwanese company, has long been known for its smartphones, PCs, and related components around the world. And since it’s doing fairly well in these fields, the company is now venturing into a new space – e-bikes.

Acer announced ebii – a new-age smart bike that can go at 20mph and up to 70 Miles on one charge. Acer says that ebii is designed for cities, with AI features that learn riders’ personal preferences and change gears depending on road conditions.

Weighing 35 pounds, ebii is lighter than most e-bikes in the current market. What’s interesting is the company’s ability to link up all its devices in some way – where Acer says the charger used to power its ebii can be used for charging the company’s laptops and smartphones. It’s portable and takes two and a half hours to power the ebii entirely.

The company also has a dedicated app called ebiiGO to let the rider know more information about the bike’s battery life, recommended routes, speed checks, and to lock and unlock the bike.

Well, the company can also auto-lock your ebii at any time – if the linked phone ranges out from your e-bike area. And if anyone tried to steal, it has an anti-theft alarm too.

With additional features like collision detection sensors, lights in every direction, and airless tires, Acer hasn’t described the price of ebii yet, nor its availability. We may know more about this soon, so stay tuned.


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