Amazon on Tuesday announced a new delivery plan for Prime customers, called Amazon Day Delivery.

The new system is optional and be available with the regular Prime delivery, and delivers all the booked items on one specific day pre-set by the customer.

Amazon New Delivery Option

Amazon Introduced a New Delivery Option For Prime Customers

One of the key strengths of Amazon is its delivery fleet. Over the years, the company has harnessed its supply chain and delivery system with policies that give customers the experience they wanted.

But, it’s realized that Amazon’s delivery, though satisfying the needs of customers, is reasonable for harmful carbon emissions. Regular deliveries made to fulfill the customers’ choices are indirectly degrading the environment.

Thus, it’s now seeking mutual help from the customers through a new delivery option called Amazon Day Delivery. Available only to Prime customers, the new option can be found at the checkout of most products.

Users choosing this option will have to pre-set a day in a week, so they can receive all the orders delivered on that specific day. Customers can make bookings until two days before the designated day, and this can be changed whenever they want.

On one side, this benefits customers as they can determine when they receive all the products. And for Amazon, it helps reduce the number of trips made to customers’ locations for delivering the products.

Customers should note that some eligible may be packed in one box, if suitable, on be delivered on the specified date. Amazon’s Day Delivery is a part of Amazon’s sustainability initiative, which aims to go net-zero carbon gradually over time.

The company has set a target of going at least 50% net-zero by 2030, by following policies like Day Delivery and others.


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