As spotted by 9to5Google, Google has updated the FAQs page of its Android Auto to include almost all the devices running the latest Android 11 OS to support the Android Auto in cars. Google has developed this system to let users connect their phone (compatible apps in it) their car’s infotainment system wirelessly. And now, the maker extends support to all devices running its latest OS, which is Android 11.

Android Auto to Support Most of the Latest Phones

Google has unveiled its Android Auto service back in 2015, a year after the major car manufacturers formed the Open Automotive Alliance. The purpose of this system is to develop a wireless link between your smartphone and the car’s head unit (or the infotainment system), to make it easy for accessing the eligible services without much distraction.

Android Auto to support more devices
Android Auto to support more devices

While this seemed like a good idea, lack of support between the devices and the car’s system has barred developing this idea further. But, as per Google’s new FAQs, it’s set to change as numerous devices would be supporting its Android Auto soon. The maker has revealed that all phones that are running on the latest Android (or Android 11) will support the Android Auto soon.

Well, the carmakers have to make this support possible too. Cars with the infotainment system and a WiFi connection should be able to connect to users smartphones and procure data from it. Google mentioned that the phones should be able to support 5GHz Wi-Fi in order to connect, which was a barrier in earlier phones but not with the new ones coming.

Further, it also mentioned that EU players have to wait for a little more time since the EU approvals for using 5GHz WiFi in-car takes time. The feature would let users cast the phone’s compatible apps like Play Music, Maps, GPS, SMS and Phone.


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