Right after making the stable build official, the Android community has released the Android 11 into open-source channel today. It was spotted by Android Building group initially and listed along with the RC builds. Analysing the open-sourced build reveals few features like freezing cached apps, battery defender etc were seen. Also, it now forms as a base for custom ROMs.

Android 11 Source Code is Made Open-source Now

The Android 11 was released just yesterday with new features for easing the conversations, controlling smart devices at one place, better privacy controls etc. Google announced that few high-end phones from various OEMs like Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus and Realme would get the latest Android 11 along with its Pixel handsets.

And now, they finally induced Android 11 to ASOP, which means the source code of Android 11 is open for anyone to see. This helps custom ROM makers to build their own OS based on Android 11, and let bloatware-disliked users download. LineageOS has tweeted to be preparing for making one already, whereas the Resurrection Remix has recently launched their custom ROM based on Android 10.

Mishaal Rahman of XDA developers has dug into the Android 11 code and surfaced few features, which are about to introduce in Pixel 4 or others soon. These include setting a dedicated volume control for assistants, like Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa etc.

Also, there’s an automatic “freezing of cached apps” to reduce the battery usage, which would otherwise be using power while running in the background but are not used by the user. The OS may unfreeze them once they’re deleted or started reusing from the background.

Rahman also pointed out to a “battery defender” feature that would reduce the charging limit when the phone’s connected for so long. While there’s nothing much explained about these yet, we hope introducing these soon can benefit the smartphones. Here you can have a peek into the Android 11 ASOP along with RC1, RC2, and RC3.


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