Google rolled out the Android 13 Beta 1 yesterday, and there are a ton of new features and improvements spotted to test.

One among them is the addition of new colors and theming options in Pixel’s Wallpaper and style app, which now includes a total of 32 options for wallpaper colors and basic colors. In the previous Android 13 DP2, there are only four of them each.

New Themes in Android 13 Beta 1 Update

The much-awaited first beta build of the upcoming Android 13 has just been rolled out, and we have a ton of features to talk about. While we’d noting on each one of them in separate blog posts, here we talk about the new colors and themes added to the Pixel’s Wallpaper and Style app in the Android 13 Beta 1 update.

As per Mishaal Rahman, the app now includes a total of 32 new colors and themes for users to set to their Pixel phones. More specifically, there are 16 options for wallpaper colors and 16 for basic colors. This number used to be much small (4 each) in the previous Android 13 Developer Preview 2 release.

With these in hand, users can also find the Dark theme, Themed icons, and App Grid styles in the Pixel’s Wallpaper and Style app. Together combined, these offer users plenty of options to choose from, ultimately making the deeper customization as desired.

Aside from these, the new Android 13 Beta 1 update also brought in fun new animations for media controls, more granular permissions for media file access, anticipatory audio routing, and better error reporting in Keystore and KeyMint.

Hoping that Google adds more customization and productivity features in the next beta update, try this initial seed of Beta 1 if you’re using the latest Pixel phone.


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