From the screenshots coming from Mishaal Rahman, Google is revealed to be combining the Privacy and Security options in Android 13.

This is more likely to save space and keep tools in one place for easier access. The redesigned page of Privacy and Security includes Find my Device, App Security, and System update buttons. Though some of the tools aren’t working as of now, they should be ready by the first beta of Android 13 coming this week.

Android 13 Privacy and Security Settings

One of the most anticipated offerings from Google this year is the Android 13. The next iteration of Android is already in the second developer preview and is gearing up for public beta sometime this week. As we wait to experience it, Esper’s Mishaal Rahman shared screenshots of a new Privacy and Security dashboard in Android 13.

As per him, Google merged the Privacy and Security options in the Settings app and has all the options listed in order for easier access. Also, it added a new Privacy and Security button in Quick Settings with a ‘Check Status’ bar for easy access. This is the same as seen in Android 13 Developer Preview 2.

Under the new Privacy and Security dashboard in settings, options like a Quick Scan, App Security, Find My Device, Security Updates, and Google Play system updates are listed. Users can tap in to find more within them. Although, they’re not working as of now, and should get functional in the final release.

This isn’t the first time Google has combined two similar submenus into a single one to save space. Google may reveal more details on how this new option works in the upcoming I/O event, scheduled next month. Expect more features of Android 13 to be showcased alongside this new settings option.


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