Malware is omnipresent. Any device is vulnerable to malware if not properly secured. New research from Dr.Web, an online group of cybersecurity experts reveals about a dangerous malware that’s almost impossible to be removed from hosts! This malware named Xiny is exclusive to Androids and particular versions only.

Specific Targeting

The grand research surfaces the fact that an infamous malware called Xiny, which was first known in 2015 and actively infecting phones since 2016, is now live again. This malware’s named as Android.Xiny.5260, and has infected tens of millions of Android smartphones till date.

Android Dangerous Malware 'Xiny' that is Impossible to Remove
Image by Flickr

An interesting thing here is, this malware is subjected to only Androids and that too, phones running on versions 5.1 and below only. We may wonder who’ll be using such outdated OS eve today, but Google reports show that over 25% of total active Android phones are version 5.1 and below. That contributes to more than 500 million smartphones in the market.

What Does It Do?

It’s just more like a mediator for paid actors. Xiny, once infected, downloads several unwanted apps onto devices, to let hackers earn hefty commissions from those unwanted apps’ developers for artificially inflating their app users.

Too Hard To Be Removed

Researchers revealed that this trojan malware is so hard to be removed from the infected handset. It’s typical that, this malware is set in a read-only file rather than app format, making it harder to be deleted.

Researchers have long tried to wash this app from the infected device, but it’s so strong to reincarnate quickly. Though once deleted somehow, it would revive when the phone’s booted. This malware will be coming with most harmless applications on Playstore and takes over handset to dump malware. A thing to note here is, Xiny is functional only if the user grants root access of the phone only. If not, it’s safe.


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