One of the very few Apple-1 computers has now been sold for a whopping $442,118 in an open auction, exceeding the estimated price tag of $375,000.

The sold Apple-1 computer is the #78th piece of the total 200 Apple-1 ever produced in 1976, thus raking up such huge demand among the fans. One specialty the sold computer holds is originally hand-numbered by Steve Jobs and is on the board, making it an exclusive machine.

A Special Apple Computer Collection

An antique item collector and maybe an Apple fan has just shelled out $442,118 for the #78 Apple-1 Computer, which was manufactured in 1976 by both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He gained the system (in working condition!) through RR Auction exceeding the estimated quote of $375,000.

This purchase includes the original Apple Cassette Interface, the original operation manual, a surplus ASCII keyboard from the same time period, and an open-frame Sanyo 4205 monitor.

Well, this device is simply special – considering it was hand-numbered by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and was restored to working condition in 2018 by Apple expert Corey Cohen. Further, to make it more special, there were only 200 of these devices made in 1976, and only 60-70 of them are still available.

Thus, there’s no wonder that Apple fans and item collectors are running after them. Though we had a few Apple-1 computers sold for up to $815,000 in the past, this latest piece has its own uniqueness. Well, the demand for such items varies based on the machine’s history and its condition.

Considering that the most expensive Apple-1 was the “Celebration,” Apple-1, featured a blank green PCB board that was not sold to the public till now, and it was not even part of the first batch production run.


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