Apple has today announced to offer the teachers and parents, free access to its Xcode and Swift code learning platforms. This is aimed at educating teachers to help students learn developing apps on macOS and iOS. The new offering includes five e-books to learn and access to Everyone can Code and Develop in Swift platforms.

Apple Announced Free Coding Courses

Apple has today announced to offer free online courses for teachers and parents, to its native coding platforms like Swift. This is to support them amidst Coronavirus breakout and make their home time productive by learning things and in turn help their kids too. This includes access to Develop in Swift, Xcode for macOS development and Everyone can Code learning course.

Apple offers free Swift, Xcode coding courses
Apple offers free Swift, Xcode coding courses

These are aimed at US students ranging between grades 4 to 8 and delivered through online mode. The program, Develop Swift contains four books as “Develop in Swift Explorations”, “Develop in Swift AP CS Principles”, “Develop in Swift Fundamentals” and “Develop in Swift Data Collections”. These are available through the Apple Books app and make the kids learn through puzzles and games.

Apple’s Vice President of Markets, Apps, and Services, Susan Prescott said, “As part of our commitment to helping expand access to computer science education, we are thrilled to be adding a new professional learning course to help more educators, regardless of their experience, have the opportunity to learn to code and teach the next generation of developers and designers.”

While these are for teachers, parents with kids idle at home are eligible for “A Quick Start to Code” remote learning resources. There’s also Apple’s Learning from Home website, where the courses are delivered through trainers via on-demand videos and virtual conferences. Apple says there are about 9,000 high education institutions and K-12 students are learning through it.

Source: Apple


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