Just as the smartwatch market is booming, Apple is becoming the sole big player in the market. The US tech giant has seen gathering an additional 6% market share in Q4 of 2020 compared to 2019’s Q4, making it stand with a 40% share. This success was attributed to the large sales from Apple Watch 6 and SE series.

Apple Watch Sales on the Rise

Smartwatches aren’t once seen as a necessity, but now, they are. They have grown as a complementary good with the smartphone, as buyers are most likely taking one along with a smartphone. OEMs, too, can see the opportunities of integrating their smartphones well with their own branded wearables, thus making their own.

One such OEM is Apple, which has been a market leader since its inception. As per reports from a research firm, Counterpoint, Apple has seen rising smartwatch sales in the last quarter when compared to the same quarter of last year, putting the company in a strong leadership position than others.

Global smartwatch sales in Q4 2020

Graphs show that Apple has a market share of 40% in Q4 of 2020, which is quite a jump from the 34% from Q3 of 2019. The reason pointed out here is the booming sales from Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. While the latter one is a budget edition under $300, cutting some of the features like ECG, S6 processor, and always-on display.

Yet, it’s interested in the consumers since Apple has a good track record of saving people’s lives with its smartwatches. Apple was followed by Samsung, which has risen from 9% to 10% in Q4, followed by Huawei that had fallen from 9% to 8% in the same period. Simultaneously, Fitbit and BBK electronics maintained their undeterred stance at 7% and 6%, respectively.


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