As per a report from iDropNews, Apple could kill its iPhone 11 for the sake of the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

This is because the iPhone 11’s popularity may eat up the hype of the iPhone 14 series. The company is always worried that iPhone 11 is chosen by many as the best alternative to its recently launched iPhone SE 3, so could possibly be hitting iPhone 14 series sales.

Killing iPhone 11 For iPhone 14

Apple’s iPhones are some of the best-selling smartphones all over the world. The company sells millions of units every year and keeps the community engaged with new features and upgrades. In this pursuit, Apple is readying its next iPhone series – iPhone 14 later this year.

Few leaks regarding this series reveal the handsets have a slightly extra camera bump and will have four units in it. While we’re waiting to be known, a report from iDropNews says that the company may discard its current iPhone 11 for the sake of the upcoming iPhone 14 series!

This is due to the fear of iPhone 11 eating up iPhone 14’s sales. iPhone 11 is the highest selling smartphone in the world in 2020 and is proved to be quite popular since its launch in 2019. Even now, more Apple buyers are leaning toward purchasing iPhone 11 rather than the iPhone SE 3.

This is because the vanilla iPhone 11 has a bigger screen and two cameras instead of the iPhone SE 3’s smaller display and single camera. As it’s eating up the iPhone SE 3 sales already, Apple could discontinue iPhone 11 to have its iPhone 14 series survive later.

Further, iPhone 12 series may see a significant drop in its price when the iPhone 14 is launched. The company has already discontinued iPhone 12 Pro models after the launch of the iPhone 13 series, but they’re available to buy only on e-commerce platforms and other retailers until stock lasts.


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