Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE), a Chinese display maker that manufactures OLED panels for iPhone 13 series, has reportedly been pushing Apple for its next big order of the iPhone 14 series.

Apple isn’t approving the production of iPhone 14 OLED panels to BOE since the manufacturer has earlier made some production decisions unilaterally. With this stance, Apple may seek Samsung or LG to procure its OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

OLED Panels For iPhone 14 Series

Due to cheap labor and several economic incentives, many of the world’s largest companies outsource production duties to China. USA’s Apple is among them, which sources so many products of its hardware from Chinese suppliers.

Just like Foxconn assembles iPhones for Apple, there’s the Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE) that makes OLED panels for iPhone 13 series. But earlier this year, the company unilaterally changed the design of circuit width in the iPhone 13’s OLED panels!

Though this is to increase the yield rate, this act triggered Apple to halt the production from BOE and even ignore the approval for its next order – OLED panels for iPhone 14 series. This could cost BOE a huge loss by making 30 million OLED panels for Apple by the end of 2022.

Though BOE sent a C-level executive with few employees to Apple’s HQ to justify their act of production changes, Apple is still ignoring them without giving any clear response. Apple chose BOE to rely less on other giants like the Samsung Display and LG Display and have better bargaining power.

But since the company is ignoring BOE for an unapproved act, Apple may pass this order to Samsung or LG to procure from them. We may see more news coming soon about what Apple will decide on this OLED panel production.


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