Apple removed as many as 29,800 apps from its Chinese Appstore, as per reports from Qimai followed by Reuters. The number contains a maximum of games apps, where were dumped as per Apple’s warning in earlier, which needs every in-app purchases and subscribing gaming app developers to take a license from the Chinese government.

Apple Delisted Thousands of Gaming Apps From iOS Store!

The Chinese government has long back asked gaming app developers to obtain necessary approvals like license before publishing their apps to Appstore. This move has forced Apple to fix a deadline for the developers in China to comply with the regulations. Thus, it released a warning note in February this year asking the developers to do so.

And now, as per the reports from Qimai, a research firm, Apple has delisted over 29,800 apps from Appstore on Saturday! This number included about 26,000 gaming apps, which are called out for not submitting a valid license number. As per the Chinese government’s call, all paid and in-app purchases gaming apps have to obtain a license before publishing their apps to the iOS store.

Chinese Appstore is the second big market for Apple with $61 billion in revenue from 2019. Yet, over one-third of 60,000 gaming apps on the iOS store isn’t having any valid license. Earlier, many have tried setting random numbers on the license field and still get approved, some have tried mentioning the same approved license number of 3-4 apps. But now, it’s dumping all of such practises and forcing them to deal with their authorities.

The Chinese government is blamed for delaying the process of approval so much that, it would process around 2,000 apps a year! This can hit small and medium-sized developers who aren’t having resources like Tencent or NetEase, which can keep apps free for a long time until approval.


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