A report from Bloomberg says that Apple has extended its callup for employees to the office by a month at least.

The Cupertino company has earlier unveiled a plan to bring employees to physical offices in September this year and have them work for at least three days a week in the office. This decision, still, is frustrating the work-from-home addicted employees.

Forcing Employees to Return to Office

The rise of COVID-19 has forced many corporates to follow a new type of working – work-from-home – to avoid their employees contracting viruses while working together.

This new method had proved few advantages like the increase in productivity and employees’ happiness. But, it made corporates suspicious on few activities and hopes some things really need to be done in physical collaboration.

Thus, they are all now asking their employees to return to the office since the COVID cases have been settling down. Apple is one among them and has been hinting employees worldwide about a possible return notice from September onwards.

But, this is now changed to October, at least, as per the Bloomberg report. In addition, the report talked about Apple’s consideration of rising in the COVID Delta variant, thus delaying the return process by a month to cope with it.

While this is yet to be official, we’ve seen many reports on employees being disgruntled on return orders by their companies since they too have found tangible benefits in the work-from-home concept.

Few Apple employees earlier have discussed this matter over Slack and wrote a letter to Tim Cook for the more flexible work-from-home model. But, Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s SVP of retail and people, responded to the letter saying as “in-person collaboration is essential to our culture and our future.”


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