Standing by its rules, Apple has just forced the WordPress founding developer, Matt Mullenweg to set in-app purchases option to continue it usually. The developer claimed that Apple has disabled his ability to send updates to its iOS app via Appstore. Finally, he was made to push an update with the new feature of purchasing domains within the app.

Apple Now Benefits From WordPress Purchases

Apple remains thirsty even after growing as the world’s most valuable company. The Cupertino based firm has been in the news lately for a fight with Epic Games over delisting its popular game for dunking its in-app payment system. And now, it seems to be acting in a similar manner for all apps in its store.

Earlier today, Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress tweeted accusing Apple of cutting off the ability to send updates to his WordPress iOS app, since it’s not having an in-app purchases system! This is ridiculous, as the WordPress app has nothing to do with the service’s financials, but with creativity.

Yes, everything users can do is building a website and editing it, and the content within. While its site sells packages and domains, its app is just meant for managing the site like changing templates, curating content, engaging clients etc. But Apple forced the makers to set an in-app purchases system as per its policies.

Matt Mullenweg surrendered for this, as they’ve updated the iOS app with a new payment system within to let users buy domains if interested, giving the Apple a 30% cut whenever that happened. These acts attracted a lot of criticism from everyone, mainly from Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite. They’ve ultimately filed a lawsuit fighting against the Apple’s 30% tax.

VIAThe Verge


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