Apple is increasing the prices of some of its popular services – Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Apple One by a couple of dollars in the US and other regions.

The company cited increased licensing costs of music, and letting musicians and artists earn more from the increased costs. And for Apple TV Plus, Apple said the wide range of popular content added gradually should justify the increased cost.

Increased Pricing of Apple Services

Starting with hardware, Apple has finally decided to move and rely on its software services gradually. In this pursuit, the company has been focusing much on its platform services like Music, Cloud Storage, TV, Fitness, etc., over the years.

As it grew the library of all these services to be better, Apple started hiking the prices eventually. As the company announced yesterday, the fresh prices of Apple Music will be $11 a month (increased by $1), Apple TV Plus for $7 (increased by $2), and Apple One for $17, $23, and $33 per month (increased by $2 on each tier).

The price hikes are not just limited to the US but all countries where these services are available. Talking on this, an Apple spokesperson said the raised subscription prices are due to increased licensing costs and also to an increase in the earnings of artists and songwriters contributing to Apple Music.

He also stated that the Apple TV Plus was introduced at a very low price because it had very less content. And since it grew the library now, it started charging more. The content on Apple TV Plus now includes a range of “award-winning and broadly acclaimed series, feature films, documentaries, and kids and family entertainment from the world’s most creative storytellers.”

He further said that Apple would continue to add innovative features to make its Music app the world’s best listening experience.


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