The file organization system in Apple gadgets, Apple iTunes is going to fade out soon. Apple Company is planning to put iTunes aside and the official confirmation of the same is awaited from Apple CEO Tim Cook. Pretty soon the company is going to announce the same.

It is rumored that Tim Cook will announce it in Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference

iTunes came into the market back in 2001. The mobile functioned as a library and market place for music and iPods, Mac computers and iPhones respectively. As the company will be shifting its focus to the other departments, they are planning to get rid of this iTunes.  Different apps for music, TV, and podcasts will replace the iTunes library.

Apple is Going to Shut Down iTunes Very Soon
Apple is Going to Shut Down iTunes Very Soon

The Worldwide developer’s conference of Apple is a great stage for the company to introduce various products to the world. There are going to be some big announcements at the conference this week. According to the reports, the Apple watch is going to see a lot more advancement and freedom. The Apple watch was restricted to iPhone from start but it is going to change now. It can be connected to other gadgets too.

The company is also planning to launch the new iPod into the market during the conference. It is the right time for the company to move away from iTunes as it has acquired bad press already. Some users have filed a case against Apple saying that they are stealing the users’ information via iTunes.

Apple is sharing the details like full name, house address and the genres they are listening to, etc to the third parties. Users filed a 5 million dollar lawsuit against Apple regarding this issue. The details songs that customers purchased via iTunes is also shared with third parties.


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