Apple is planning to launch a new line-up of smart home displays in the future that can be attached to a HomePod-like device or even be hung on a wall.

They’d function certainly as the other current smart home displays from Google and Amazon, but with all the Apple product suite. Reports also suggest that Apple is making a larger iPad to suit these new needs.

Apple’s Smart Home Display

From Macintosh to MacBooks and iPhones and AirTags, Apple has come a long way in the tech industry all these years. Though it’s present in most of the mainstream consumer electronics, it hasn’t dived into smart home gadgets yet.

Well, a report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that Apple is now planning to enter this market with a new smart home display line-up! Apple’s “push into smart displays will start with a tablet product – essentially a low-end iPad – that can control things like thermostats and lights, show video, and handle FaceTime chats,” people familiar with the plans said.

This makes it look similar to the current smart home displays from Google and Amazon, where their respective Nest Hub and Echo Show lineups are thriving in this space. Apple, with its suite of apps, can go a bit farther if it attempts stronger, bolder.

Aside from this, Gurman says that “the product could be mounted on walls or elsewhere using magnetic fasteners, positioning it as more of a home gadget than a regular iPad.” For this, Apple is reportedly making larger iPads to serve them as better smart home displays.

And the return of the Apple HomePod could act as a catalyst too, for these plans. A few reports earlier suggested that Google could turn its Pixel Tablet into a smart home display with an additional speaker dock. Thus, Apple might do the same with its reinvented HomePod and iPad too.


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