Apple has freshly patented a new device in the US that has a stylus with an optical sensor in it.

We may be talking about the Apple Pencil 3, which can sample an object’s color and texture with its inbuilt sensors and copy them wirelessly to a connected device for working. This may be coming in 2024 with the latest iPad Pro, say reports.

Apple Pencil 3 Leaks

Years after Steve Jobs criticized a stylus for touching the device screen; Apple came up with its Pencil technology to let users work on their iPads. The first one was in 2015, and the second one was three years later.

Now, the company is working to make the next Apple Pencil, reportedly the third-generation one – with fresh news regarding Patently Apple. As per it, Apple has patented a new stylus-like device ( Apple Pencil 3) with the US Patent & Trademark Office – that has an optical sensor in it!

Reports claim the sensor will allow the pencil to copy texture and color found on an object and wirelessly transmit this data to a connected laptop or iPad for use in a drawing program.

As per the proposed renders, the device is seen to be having both the optical sensor and a light emitter – to perform the above-noted function. While there are no more details regarding this were shared, it’s expected to come in 2024, along with the new iPad Pro.

When available, it’s expected to offer longer battery life and improvements in latency and precision. Aside from this, another invention Apple patented for the Pencil 3 an interchangeable nibs – that would allow users to switch nibs based on “a color, a shape, a thickness, a size, a brightness, or an opacity” – although it won’t add any new features.


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