With Apple being the only OEM haven’t seen a growth dip due to the pandemic, the Cupertino-based company has reportedly increased its iPhone 14 component orders from suppliers.

With iPhone 13 series still having a strong demand during the slump period, iPhone 14 starting sales are expected to be much greater than its predecessors. Thus, in anticipation of great demand, Apple is bumping up efforts to make and supply more units this time.

In Anticipation of More Demand for iPhone 14

The pandemic-triggered lockdowns and supply chain restrictions across the world caused many issues for businesses. And smartphone OEMs are not exclusions. Though the industry sells hundreds of millions of phones every year, sales of most brands has fallen significantly. But Apple didn’t!

In fact, Apple was the only company that was going against the numbers – by recording increases in sales year on year – while Android brands are struggling hard. While it’s still happening now, Apple is anticipating a huge demand for its upcoming iPhone 14 series and going wild again.

As DigiTimes reported, Apple has increased its iPhone 14 component orders from suppliers since anticipating great launch sales. It’s even believed to have already begun trial production of the ‌iPhone 14‌ lineup, with plans for mass production starting in August.

The iPhone 14 series is scheduled to launch in September this year with updated hardware and improved software. And Apple is so optimistic about it since it’s pushing its suppliers for more stock.

The Android industry, on the other hand, is struggling due to the ongoing economic conditions of people and supply chain hurdles. The most affected are the mid and budget segment OEMs since MediaTek, a smartphone chip manufacturer has reportedly had some of its clients cut orders by 30%.


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