Apple’s voice assistant Siri is expected to have an improved voice control – by dropping the trigger phrase of “Hey, Siri” to just “Siri“.

This was initially touted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who now reiterates his sayings ahead of the WWDC 2023. This makes us believe that Apple would announce this improvement at the grand event this week alongside the much-anticipated mixed-reality headset.

Invoking Siri With Just One Word

For a long time, triggering your iPhone’s voice assistant Siri needs you to say “Hey, Siri” as a two-word phrase. While it’s easy and fun to invoke in this way, Apple is planning to make this process even simpler by cutting down the trigger phrase to just “Siri“.

This was initially reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in November last year and now reiterates the same this week. This makes us believe that Apple may bring this change at the upcoming WWDC event scheduled on June 5th, 2023.

Though it seems like a small change for the users, it’s a big switch on Apple’s part, as the company has to go through severe AI training for its voice assistant. Siri should be refined to understand the singular phrase in multiple different accents and dialects every time and be according.

If done, this puts Siri on par with Amazon’s Alexa, the voice assistant that can be triggered with just the “Alexa” phrase. Gurman further stated that Apple is working on deeper ‌Siri‌ integrations with third-party apps and services – for better assistance.

We may see what all these developments announced at the upcoming WWDC event, where Apple is expected to launch its most-hyped mixed-reality headset too. A new headset with an improved voice assistant goes hand-in-hand, so keep waiting for the good.