Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter revealed that Apple is working on a new AR feature in the Apple Store app – that will let users get more info about Apple products in an Apple Store just by scanning them with an iPhone.

He further states the feature has been in the works since at least 2020 but never made it to the public yet. Although, Apple started testing this with some people recently in a few stores, thus hinting at its inevitable launch.

AR in iPhone to Learn More Information

To better the in-store shopping experience of customers, Apple is reportedly testing a new AR feature in the App Store App that will allow users to scan any Apple product on display to see more information about it.

This is as simple as pointing your iPhone at a product and instantly learning its pricing, specifications, etc. This feature has been in testing since 2020 – says Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman – but didn’t roll out to the general public till now.

Well, he further states that Apple has been testing this AR feature in some stores in recent months, so we may soon see it coming for everyone. Gurman also said that Apple is also planning to release an accompanying API for developers to let other retail stores use the feature too.

“If the service debuts in the near future, it would be one of Apple’s most significant AR-related launches to date – and a taste of what’s to come with the headset,” says Gurman.

Apple’s MR headset is expected to launch sometime this year, with leaks and renders also showcasing how the product would be and its specifications. Stay tuned to learn more when it’s out.


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