Several Apple store workers across the US are reportedly using encrypted chats and even Android phones, in an effort to keep up the union strong and effective.

This is to fight against the company’s hourly wages policy, which the workers think isn’t sufficient against the growing prices outside. As they demand the wages to be increased, some have anonymously spoken to the media about their demands, and even a few received support from national union authorities on this issue.

Using Android to Evade Spying

Though Apple is the world’s largest public company with a total market cap of over $3 trillion, it’s still accused by its store employees across the US for not rising wages according to the market’s inflation. An increase in housing prices and general inflation across the US is now triggering store employees to ask Apple for a raise.

Though Apple’s hourly wage policy is at par with the other general stores around, it’s the earning capacity of the company that radical store workers are basing on, to ask for raise. Feeling that Apple’s success over time isn’t much reflected on its ground-level employees, they’re now forming unions to protest against this.

In this pursuit, Apple’s store employees are seen using encrypted chats and even Android phones for secret communication regarding their union efforts. This is to evade detection and possible retaliation from store managers, and the company as a whole. Some employees of the union have even spoken with various media outlets, but anonymously.

Two of the employees have even received support from national unions like the National Labor Relations Board, on their submissions made to help. The employees’ unionization efforts now are reportedly inspired by the winning stories of Starbucks stores in the US, where they have successfully pushed the company to raise their wages.


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