A popular group dedicated to producing iOS jailbreaking software has just come up with an upgrade, that’s capable of breaking even the latest version, iOS 13.5. Unc0ver, the group behind this software was able to find some vulnerabilities existing in iOS versions 11 to 13.5, thus made an upgrade to their offering that can jailbreak iPhones.

Apple has long been applauded for having tight security walls. It’s simple to know what exactly it meant. The lesser access you give your users into, the lesser chances of breaking into the system. This safe method I good and is evening working now.

Apple Users Can Jailbreak Their iPhones Running v11 to v13.5
Apple Users Can Jailbreak Their iPhones Running v11 to v13.5

But users are also craving for flexibility that’s being enjoyed by their Android counterparts. Thus, they try for something like jailbreaking their iPhones for extra freedom.

All iPhones with v11-:13.5

And this new software just gives you that. The unc0ver team is a well-known group in this space and has been producing jailbreaking softwares for so long. The new update from the team, version 5.0.0 is capable of jailbreaking the iPhones that are running v11 to v13.5. The team managed to find some vulnerabilities which they didn’t disclose, and are finding a way through them.

Well, Apple may not take too long for patching those vulnerabilities. So better get this software now and attain freedom is desired. I hope you’re aware of consequences like warranty voids, more chances of attacks, etc. So be vigilant in tuning your phone afterward. Makers also claim that Apple may take at least 2-3 weeks in patching all those vulnerabilities, thus interested people can try jailbreaking their iPhones before that span.

Releasing this new update is yet another hit for Apple’s fame. As the Cupertino based firm is known for security but been vulnerable to leaking iOS 14, email app vulnerability, and a famous exploit broker saying iOS has many vulnerabilities. And this new jailbreaking update, can affect almost most of the iPhones exiting in the market now.

Try it here: Unc0ver Jailbreak Software


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