Hoopla remains one of the best public libraries. The cross-platform, you can Borrow and enjoy audiobooks, eBooks, comics, movies, TV, magazines, or music. Beyond imagination, you get everything inside Hoopla that we see in a library.

No doubt, Hoopla provides the best quality services with a friendly and intuitive user interface. But it has some pros and cons. Therefore, we’ve come up with the best apps like Hoopla that are better than Hoopla in some areas.

Since 2013 Hoopla running at its best with millions of users free of cost. However, if you are unsatisfied with it or want to try something new, here are the best Hoopla alternatives at your fingertips.

Best Apps Like Hoopla in 2023

The Internet is a giant library itself, and you can find many digital libraries. But similar to Hoopla is actually difficult to sort out. Thus, we complied the similar apps like Hoopla.

1. Flipster


Flipster is a digital library that is used by millions of readers worldwide. It comes up with several publications around the globe to provide reading opportunities to you at your fingertips. Regardless of your taste, you can read your favorite.

Magazine-based Flipster has various books for various people, such as academics, schools, colleges, and many others. Besides this, all reading feature on digital devices is available; zoom in and zoom out and other necessary features.

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2. Freading


If you have a valid library card, then Freading is the digital library platform that provides books free of cost to borrow – very similar to Hoopla digital library. Since it has featured several publications and genres, you can read anything you want.

The website allows you to download eBooks for a month. You can find various types of books from thousands of authors; either you can search them one by one or start reading whatever it has provided.

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3. Scribd


Since 2007 Scribd has remained one of the popular digital library platforms. You can not only find books, eBooks, and magazines, but also it’s a great place for audiobooks and podcasts so that you can read and listen wherever you want.

Furthermore, all types of books and content are available there. Even if you running out of efficient internet speed, you can download and save to read further in offline mode. Moreover, it has a community that can be the perfect place to engage and interact.

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4. Libby


Libby has been one of the best digital platforms over the years, and it could be an ideal choice to use in place of Hoopla. However, you can read and borrow books, eBooks, and magazines.

Moreover, Libby allows us to download its content. Also, you can tune audiobooks on the car using Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and Android Auto. The best thing is the user interface which is nicely organized and easy to use.

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5. Borrow Box

Borrow Box

Expertly curated and thoroughly crafted, Borrow Box is a considerable app like Hoopla that you can start using. Very similar to physical libraries, you can borrow books and eBooks for reading at your comfort on any electronic device.

Firstly, you have to join with local libraries to get started on Borrow Box; thereafter, you can activate your account to enjoy it on various devices. Moreover, it has an amazing and intuitive interface.

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6. Cloud Library

Cloud Library

Best known for featuring many libraries in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Romania, Germany, and many others. Just pick your physical library on the website, and it will allow you to choose any book you want to read from anywhere.

The Cloud Library stands out from its competitors with a unique presentation style for books, making it easier for you to search and read.

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7. Press Reader

Press Reader

With more than 7000 publications, Press Reader is also a digital library just like Hoopla, that provides newspapers and magazines all over the world.

Most importantly, all world’s best news and magazine publications already joined with Press Reader. Therefore, you don’t need to buy newspapers on a daily basis. Even you can access the oldest paper within a few clicks.

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8. Kindle


Kindle, owned by tech giant Amazon, is another digital book-reading platform that is immensely popular. However, having Kindle, it feels like you have a hard copy in your hand.

If you talk about numbers, it has featured more than one million eBooks, books, and magazines from different publications. Also, allowed to borrow up to ten books at a time without any time restrictions. All in all, a perfect digital library and alternative to Hoopla.

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Bottom Lines

There is no denying that technology has impacted every area of life – even in how we read books and magazines. And a platform like Hoopla comes with various features and functionalities to provide the ultimate reading experience, just like physical libraries. However, these are the best apps like Hoopla. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.


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