Nowadays, most of us rely on the internet to get our hands on the most popular titles, including ebooks and audiobooks. And to access them, we need the best platform that curates all of these titles. Scribd is such a platform.

However, it’s practically impossible for a single library to have all the books, so it’s better to know about some alternatives. There are many Scribd-like platforms for ebooks and audiobooks that one can avail of. They offer a subscription plan, but you can also get some free platforms.

However, finding a good alternative for Scribd can be a hectic task. For this reason, we have listed the best Scribd alternatives. The list will help you find the best ebook reader platform per your preference. 

Best Scribd Alternatives

  • Open Library
  • Bookmate
  • Rakuten Kobo
  • Calameo
  • Kindle Unlimited
  • Storytel
  • 24symbol
  • Comixology Unlimited

1. Open Library

It is an initiative started by the California government to encourage book lovers and provide them with a platform to get free ebooks. Open Library is a digital library where you can borrow and lend eBooks for free. All you have to do is create an account and sign up on their website.

Currently, there are more than a million books available on the site. The number is increasing daily as users contribute by uploading their books to the site. All over, it is a good substitute for Scribd.

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2. Bookmate

This platform was stabilized to digitalize traditional libraries. Today Bookmate Kyon has more than 5 million ebooks and audiobooks for its users. The best part of Bookmate is that you can use it as a smartphone application on your Android and iOS devices.

The user interface of Bookmate is easy to use and has several features to help its users. For instance, you can narrow your book search by applying different filters based on genres, languages, etc. There are also many free ebooks and audiobooks that you can enjoy.

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3. Rakuten Kobo

It is another ebook reading platform where you can access as many as 6 Million books for free. You must be a Kobo Plus ebook subscriber. There is a free trial period during which you can use Rakuten Kobo for free and access all its contents.

The best part of Rakuten Kobo is that you can access books through e-readers like Kindle and Kobo readers. Apart from ebooks, there are several audiobooks available on the platform.

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4. Calameo

If you want a Scribd alternative with only magazines on it, then Calameo is the best option. You will get magazines and research papers on every possible topic under the sun on Calameo. Some categories include science, friction, art, environment, etc.

CalameoA unique aspect of Calameo is that users can not only read magazines and articles but also upload their own books on them. So you can consider Calameo if you like its features. However, to access its content, one needs a subscription.

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5. Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon initiative for its e-reader community. The platform is an online bookstore where you will find several digital copies of books. Most of the books come with a price tag on them.

However, one can also find free Kindle editions of books on Kindle Unlimited. The only drawback of the platform is that many popular publishers’ books are unavailable. Still, Kindle Unlimited is a good alternative to Scribd.

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6. Storytel

This is another fantastic alternative to Scribd that you can use to access unlimited audiobooks and ebooks. Storytel comes with different subscription plans starting from $18. You can even get an unlimited plan that lets you download unlimited books for free.

StorytelThe site has all types of books, starting from bestsellers to regional and Indie publishers. You can also find books in different languages on Storytel. Currently, the platform is available across 25 countries, and they’re trying to increase this count. 

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7. 24symbol

It is a comprehensive digital book library with numerous ebooks and audiobooks. 24symbol is famous for the easy-to-use user interface that lets users of all ages use it. The digital library can be downloaded as a software application on Android and iOS devices.

To access the library of 24symbol, you will need a subscription. However, don’t get freaked out, as the subscription fee is nominal. Currently, there are more than 5 million books available on the platform.

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8. Comixology Unlimited

Comixology Unlimited is a perfect option for you if you are a fan of comic books. The platform has a huge collection of comics and graphic novels on it. Comixology Unlimited is a subscription system offered by Amazon that lets you access all its content for free.

Comixology UnlimitedUnlike Kindle Unlimited, Comixology Unlimited has comics and graphic novels from all popular publishers. Besides popular publishers, many independent writers publish their books on Comixology Unlimited. However, the facility is only available for US citizens.

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