The dark web is brimming with so many advanced tools and exploits that even ATMs are not safe. Even an amateur can hack an ATM using these tools in under 15 minutes. Now that is something serious to consider.

Previously only a super professional hacker could pull off such a feat so as to hack an ATM heist. However recently an emerging startup called CloudSEK has researched and found out that sellers over the dark web are offering custom ready-made tools like malware cards and USB ATM malware card which can default the functioning of an ATM.

Further Development And Why This Is A Huge Concern

ATM Hacking Tools is Now Trending on Dark Web
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Rakesh Krishnan who works as a security researcher at CloudSEK commented that these processes were earlier tedious but not they aren’t. However now with such advanced devices, anybody can control such machines. The researches said he himself had no clue about these state-of-the-art hacking tools. He was able to get a hold after he disguised himself as a potential buyer to know more about them.

Rakesh recalls that there was this seller who offered him a complete package which came with an ATM malware card, a PIN descriptor, a trigger card, and an instruction guide. After installation, this will automatically get all card details using the trigger card one can confiscate money from the victim. After that, the seller also offered Krishnan other ATM hacking devices in the tune of an EMV skimmer, GSM receiver, ATM skimmer, Deep insert and many more.

A malware-hosted USB drive can infect an ATM and wreak havoc. A mere $100 will get you access to a “how-to-do” manual in the dark web. Moreover, this malware usually targets systems that have the configuration Windows XP. Ploutus-D is one such notorious malware that can force-feed hardware devices to get cash out of ATM machines in a short time.


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