What forked from a Yalp store originally to become a mirror of Google’s Playstore – Aurora Store, is getting a big design update soon. As per images shared by an XDA member, it’s seen the redesigned Aurora Store getting much closer to Google’s Playstore in terms of navigation. It replaces the old categories with new ones to offer just like the Google Playstore.

Aurora Store New Design

Aurora Store is an open-source client based on Google Playstore or can be said to be a counterfeit. Though it’s clearly against Google’s terms and poses risks of using it, the Android community loves it since open-source and its adaptability.

Supported on Android handsets running version 5.0 and above, Aurora Store doesn’t need the MicroG or GApps or any other Google service to run its app on, making it much feasible to everyone. After the fork from the Yalp store, it’s been rewritten to get a material design and a modern UI.

Aurora Store

Now, the app’s getting few more improvements in the design category, as revealed from the shared screenshots by an XDA member. The images are brought from Aurora’s Telegram channel and shows a significant revamp over its earlier version. As seen, it’s now basing its UI completely on Google’s Playstore.

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The tabs of Categories, Updates, Home, etc., have been replaced by Apps, Games, and Updates. The new version 4 ditches the search bar above to set a floating search button at the bottom right corner. There are also additions like “For You,” “Top Charts,” and “Editor’s Choice.”

This new version of Aurora Store isn’t available yet but will be coming soon. And if you’re interested in trying this out, make sure you realize that it’s a clear violation of Google’s rules and may deactivate or permanently ban your Google account if you join Aurora Store with it. Thus, use the app’s masking features like spoofing your device information and region.


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