AWS, Amazon’s most lucrative business, has just unveiled a machine learning-enabled musical keyboard for developers. Being first of a kind this piano-type keyboard is used by developers to compose music with generative AI models, thereby learning about Machine Learning and training it.

This new tech is unveiled in re:Invent conference, which is a general learning meet hosted by Amazon Web Services every year for the global cloud computing community. Speaking of this, the compact keyboard uses Generative AI, a recent advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence to craft an entire network with just minimal inputs. Here, it’s being used to compose entire music out of few inputs given by developer (composer).


The developer records a short musical tune, or use a prerecorded one on the keyboard. After which, he selects a generative model of his favourite genre or pre-set genres (classical, jazz, rock, or pop). This selection is then sent to DeepComposer network via AWS cloud to receive a polyphonic output, means the total AI composed music.

Behind The Scenes

Here’s what happening behind; Right after sending your melody to AWS cloud, there are two networks that train each other. Generator and Discriminator. While the Generator creates the rest of the music, Discriminator sends feedback to the Generator about the song being good or bad, thus, improving the overall output.

AWS DeepComposer
AWS DeepComposer

After all, this is an attempt by AWS to make it easy for developers to learn AI or Machine Learning. This composing keyboard lets developers, regardless of their background in ML or music, to get started with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). An output of this is original music composed by them. This result can be transformed into a MIDI file of an MP3 to be shared on SoundCloud.

AWS’s workshop following this event shall have this setup to let everyone try and learn composing using this keyboard.
If interested to try on your own, you may try the preview of this here on AWS console.

There are more to revel at this five-day event. If you want to hear all of them, follow us. Else, you may watch it paying a ticket to the grand show held in Las Vegas.

Source: AWS Blog


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