Most of us are now familiar with Android TVs. From enjoying our favorite Netflix shows or using it to play our PS5, these modern smart TVs can do it all. But what to do if we want to browse websites apart from streaming? It will be quite a difficult task for you without a dedicated browser.

Unfortunately, most Android TVs don’t come with a pre-installed web browser. This is because most users find it difficult or rather annoying to browse websites because of the remote. Therefore, the remotes of these televisions are not built for browsing purposes.

A regular Android version of the browser may work with your TV, but it may lack many features and will not give a seamless user experience. Moreover, most of them require a complex side-loading process to be installed on your smart TV. But as you know, Techdator has solutions for all your problems, so today, we have come up with an answer regarding your Android TV Browsers.

You may be wondering which browser to choose amongst thousands of web browsers available on the Internet. So, we have come up with a list of the best Android TV browsers after testing them on popular platforms like MiBox, Fire TV Stick, etc. The browsers will help you to get a fluid browsing experience.

1. TV Bro

Though most Android TV browsers you will come across are regular smartphone browsers. But TV Bro is a dedicated browser developed for an Android TV. It features a smooth scroller option, easy gliding through web pages, and comfortable clicking on links without a mouse.

Moreover, you can access video playback, multiple tabs, bookmarks, and all the other stuff you will need. One significant aspect of this browser is that you can play Nvidia GeForce directly on your Android TV as it supports User-Agent switching. 


2. Opera

Opera is another browser App that you can use. It is a popular and one of the oldest names in the browser segment. You will find all the features similar to the mobile version with some extra customization.

However, you will need a keyboard or a mouse to load a webpage as it only supports navigation through the remote. Moreover, the customized version cannot usually be installed from the Play store and needs side-loading. 


3. DuckDuck Go Privacy Browser

It is a browser for Android devices whose main motto is privacy. The browser comes with a dedicated button that clears all your browsing history and tabs in one single click.

Coming to its other privacy features, it has an encrypted HTTPS connection, Global Privacy Control, and a privacy rating that rates the vulnerability of a browser between A-F. Though it is a mobile browser, you can side-load and use it with your Android TVs.


4. Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung has launched its browser compatible with both smartphones and smart TVs. If you are looking for a browser that is easy to use and has many helpful features, then Samsung Browser can choose. For example, it comes with a built-in content blocker, ad-blocker, adjustable text size, etc.

One additional feature that you may like is the high contrast mode. Most browsers lack this feature, which will help you have a comfortable viewing experience. You can easily get the television version of this browser by using side-loading.


5. Firefox for Android TV

It is the best web browser for Android TV you will come across. The dedicated browser comes with APIs, a card-like interface, and a scrollable navigator. Firefox browser also supports a voice navigator through which one can enter the URL manually and use the voice button to do the same.

Moreover, it allows you to sync your Firefox account, which brings all your passwords, preferred websites, and clipboard saved on your mobile or PC.


6. Kiwi Browser

It is a browser initially built for mobile users but can also be used with your Android TV. The browser may not be well optimized for TV, but it comes with some decent features, like a sleek and clean UI, integrated translation mode through which you can change the language of an entire web page, dark mode, and an in-built ad blocker.

However, the most significant disadvantage is that the Kiwi browser doesn’t come with a built-in navigator, so you have to use an external pointer(mouse/keyboard) to navigate. 


7. Google Chrome

Unusually, our Android smartphones always come with a Chrome browser pre-installed. Unfortunately, Android TVs don’t. However, you can still use a Chrome browser on your television by side-loading it.

Though most of the features will be lacking, you can still get access to your bookmarks, browsing history, and saved password by signing in to your Google account. Unfortunately, the voice search option and navigator sometimes don’t work correctly, so you may have to take the help of a mouse or keyboard to do the same.


8. Puffin TV

It is the only TV browser made solely for Android TVs so far. The app possesses all the features similar to Google Chrome. The browser uses QR codes instead of URLs, which makes browsing easy and convenient.

The navigation option is also well optimized and easily accessible through a TV remote. You will also get a voice search option that works pretty well compared to all other browsers in this segment.

Unlike the other options discussed earlier, you will get to download Puffin TV easily from Playstore. However, you may get a limitation for browsing as the developers have made a per-day quota system. So, you may need a premium subscription to get unlimited access.



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