A Disk Cloning software helps efficiently prevent data loss by creating an uncompressed duplicate of the system’s hard drive data. This method copies all your hard drive data and stores it on another drive. It shall be a precautionary measure to maintain data loss and other system settings.

Why Disk Cloning Software? Talking about computers, proper periodic updates becomes one of the most important tasks. The OS needs time-to-time upgrades for better functioning and along with this arises the need for hard disk upgrades when there’s no memory left.

Sometimes during such updates, the system might get potentially risky in losing data. Therefore, backing up data onto some other drive sounds concerning. So, check out some of the best Disk Cloning Software for Windows mentioned below:

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List of Best Disk Cloning Software For Windows PC in 2022

If you are also worried about your important files and folders, create a backup on a different drive. Give a pause to your search; you have come just in the right place. We have listed the best Disk Cloning Software for Windows that you might love using.

1. EaseUSTodo BackUp Home

EaseUSTodo BackUp Home

This is the most recommended Disk Cloning Software for users. The software is quite simple to use and protects all your files from suspicious malware. In addition, EaseUSTodo BackUp Home helps securely back up all your files and folders on your system.

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2. Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image

Another impressive Disk Cloning Software seamlessly backs up all your data on the system securely. Acronis True Image is integrated with an AI and Machine Learning technology that automatically creates a backup of all important files and folders. However, users might feel the lack of a pretty UI, but the overall performance is positive.

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3. Paragon Drive Copy

Paragon Drive Copy

It is one of the best user-friendly disk duplicator software. Paragon Drive Copy provides users with effective backing up or migrating data over some other drive. It also lets you create virtual clones of your PC. Moreover, it also works like a disk partitioning tool that adds to its uniqueness.

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4. MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro

Check on the all-around disk management software that acts as disk cloning software. MiniTool allows users to create a hard disk data backup and merge and extend hard disk partitions. It is a feature-rich tool and supports Windows 10,8,7.

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 5. CloneZilla


Next, we have the CloneZilla Disk Cloner for Windows. Again, multiple versions are available, starting from a portable version to deliver instant results. Most importantly, these versions are surprisingly live support machines with legacy BIOS.

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6. Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is a reliable and fast disk cloner software. This software comes in both free as well as paid versions. It helps create an accurate image of the HDD, so if you lose your data, you can always retrieve them back with the image. In addition, it uses Rapid Delta Cloning for creating faster clones of your disk.

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7. Nova Backup PC

Nova Backup PC

NovaBackup is a very simple Disk Cloner and relatively easy to use. The software helps users back up and migrate data easily. Moreover, it protects data with military-grade and AES encryption. Here, the best part is to manage both local and cloud backup on a single interface itself.

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8. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper can be a great option for people who like things straightforward. This is a high-speed Disk Cloning Software that helps create a backup of your data. However, the best thing about AOMEI is that it has minimal configuring options.

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9. Hard Disk Manager 16

Hard Disk Manager 16

Next, we have professional disk mirroring software. Hard Disk Manager 16 is an easy-to-use tool that helps organize your HDD and comes with a pack of optimized features. The software is fast and convenient and also free to use. If your system is malware affected, you can quickly recover all your data with little or no data loss.

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10. Drive Image XL

Drive Image XL

Lastly, another free, reliable Drive Cloning Software is also available in the commercial edition. Drive Image XL helps you create an image and backup all your drives. Furthermore, this software allows you to schedule automatic backups. Images are stored in XML file formats, so users can always access them through any third-party software.

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11. Daemon Tools Pro 8

Daemon Tools Pro 8

Daemons tool is a unique set of hard disk cloning features combined in one software. You can clone and backup your data and transfer it to somewhere else. This software is primarily designed for data bulk data transfer using cloning.

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12. Symantec Ghost Solution

Symantec Ghost Solution

If you want to clone a large set of images on your PC, you can download it. It can save you many hours and manual configuration as the software works on autopilot. Also, Symantec Ghost Solution is quite fast compared to its other counterparts.

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From Editor’s Desk

Privacy is not something you can compromise with. In today’s world, where everything is so easily accessible, keeping all our confidential data secure and private becomes more critical.

All these software have already earned a good reputation, so there is no need to worry about the services. However, if you have any other personal favorites, make sure you let us know, and if not, you can go with any of the above—comment below which one best suits you.


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