Best Download Managers for Mac OS

Technology s growing and so is the competition; people are getting way too much information on the Internet, which they want to acquire. Be it movies, music, or heavy games, well, all need something or the other.

When you need to download such things, it’s not always a fortunate scenario to get a perfect speed or perfect connection. This is where a download manager comes to help you out. A download manager is a program specialized in downloading files from the Internet for storage.

Some download managers are designed to speed up the download process by downloading multiple files at once. But, at the same time, some can resume broken downloads to save you from downloading from the beginning.  As a user, you would obviously want the one, which is good and reliable for downloading things.

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List of Best Download Managers for Mac OS X that Boost your Downloading Speed

As mac users, we all know our usual safari or any browser download manager is weak in performance. If the connection cuts, they cannot reconnect it or fasten your downloads. So there is definitely a need to know the best download manager for mac.

1. FOLX Download Manager

Folx Go is Undoubtedly my number 1 pic. Folx is a free (with IAP) download manager for Mac OS with a true Mac-style interface. It offers convenient downloads managing, flexible settings, etc. In addition, Folx has a unique system of sorting and keeping the downloaded content.

FOLX Download ManagerA few of the features that make Folx for mac the best download manager for Mac are that it automatically catches media and accelerates your download speed. In addition, it can download all file formats, even torrents, you can schedule download and pause and start them again, use tags to allocate files, and so much more comes with it when you especially go with the pro version.

So Folx for mac is undoubtedly the best download manager for mac, housing all the features one can ask for. It is the IDM for mac users.

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2. iGetter for Mac

iGetter is a powerful, full-featured download manager and accelerator. iGetter can greatly improve the speed of your downloads using segmented downloading. You won’t find this on the app store, but you will definitely get the .dmg over the publisher’s site. It is an excellent download manager for mac. It houses almost every feature that a download manager should have, but it’s still number 2 because folx owns them all in the field.

iGetter for MacIt is totally free with no license and other bullshit regarding that. It has 2 segments that show you the download process and stuff and another that shows you how your download is being accelerated in real-time. You can resume and pause a download at will, so you have no problem with anything.

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3. Leech

Leech is an efficient download manager created for Mac users to help them fetch files from the Web. This utility comes as an alternative to working with the download manager integrated with your default browser.

LeechThe program has an intuitive interface, supports batch processing and drag-and-drop actions, and has a great guidebook to learn from. Like others in the lines, its main features are Set username and password for corresponding servers, No browser extension, Queue, Pause and resume download, and a few more.

This is something, which is easy to work with no extra things. If you are a power user, maybe you may not like it, but otherwise, it is wonderful as others with simple working.

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4. Maxel

A.k.a smart downloader. The developers say that it’s smart to even tho it houses nothing special than another here on the list, but I would say that if you talk about the easiness on the CPU, maxel is pretty good.

Maxel for macMaxel also saves up your files to resume them later, extract links, and automatically download larger files and stuff. Not to forget, this also accelerates your downloads.  Maxel behaves, as you would expect from a Mac App: familiar keyboard shortcuts, Quick look, and more. So it’s kind of easy with its working and even on your CPU.

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5. Jdownloader for Mac

JDownloader is an open-source and independent download manager, which is written in Java. SO it might get slower than the others mentioned here. However, that doesn’t set  JDownloader back because it is absolutely free, and It is optimized for those that use hosting and sharing sites such as Rapidshare and Megaupload.

Jdownloader for MacIt’s ideal for anyone who wants to paste encrypted links from third-party sites, even if they are not subscribers. Other than that, it is a pretty normal download manager with normal facilities but still better than your browser download manager.

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From Editor’s Desk

I hope you enjoyed reading the list. Usually, all the download manager’s basic work is to manage download, so they seem similar, but a few houses are simple and have a few features.

Even though all of them have what it takes to be a good download manager, folx still wins due to its amazing user face and an extra touch of features that others lack. So this is the  Best Download Managers for Mac. Let us know in the comments your thought on this.


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