An email client must be a useless piece of software for general email users, but people who use email service for some serious work are aware of an email client’s usefulness. A trustee and feature-rich email client may save your time and makes things easier.

Among several other reasons, there are two main reasons users prefer desktop email programs over checking email within their web browsers. First, you can be notified when a new mail arrives. Second, email clients let you read emails offline when you don’t have access to the internet.

An email client is one of the ways from which you can send and receive emails. It is a software program you install on your computer that allows you to interact with an email server. To send or receive a new email, an email client must be connected to the internet and configured to access your service provider’s email servers.

The email client retrieves your mail from your provider’s servers and downloads it to your computer’s hard drive. Once the client has retrieved your email, you can read it at your convenience and continue to access it even when you aren’t online.

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List of Best Email Clients For Windows 10 You Can Use in 2021

An email client ensures you always have access to the messages you’ve received. Many email clients offer features such as flags, categories, folders, and filters to help business owners organize and prioritize their business inboxes.

1. eM Client

eM ClientIt has been nearly 10 years now, and throughout the development, it is one of the best alternative email clients for Windows with many customized options. eM client offer arrays of features, including calendar, charts, and contacts.

It supports major services like iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo with PGP encryption, live backups, and basic image editing features. The pro version is a one-time purchase with unlimited account translation of incoming emails, personal support, and more, whereas the free version comes with limited features.


2. Inky

InkyGood and intuitive client and with a very easy to set up as well. It is a free client, so you can add as many emails as you want. This cross-platform email client is available to use in both formats, free and paid versions. It’s free to use if you want to use it for Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, and email accounts.

You can use or add only two accounts in the free version of inky. People behind inky boast of their software as an alternative to outlook, but inky is not free for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and other IMAP accounts.


3. The Bat

The BatThis one is designed for those who don’t want to compromise their security or, in other words, extra security conscious. This email client offers an option that lets you encrypt outgoing and incoming emails. The bat is designed for Microsoft Windows operating system users with an easy-to-use interface, and it’s a paid email client. Still, you can use it for free upon downloading the 30 days trial without encryption functionality.

Other worth mentioning features are its own address book image download manager, the bat plugins, and others, which help enhance encryption & productivity.


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4. Microsoft Outlook

OutLook MailIf you use Windows 10, then you don’t need to install a third-party email program. With Outlook, you can add Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Hotmail, life, outlook, and other email services. You don’t need to dig into the complicated pop and IMAP settings. While adding an email account, enter your email address and password, and you are good to go.

You may go for pop and IMAP. If you find yourself good at this, you can add an unlimited amount of email accounts to the mail and calendar app. It also lets you sync calendars from Google and other accounts too.


5. Mailbird

MailbirdA lightweight email client that won’t slow down your PC and makes it easy and beautiful. It can also be customized to exactly how you need it. Mailbird supports a range of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Whatsapp, and more.

You can sync all these accounts and manage one inbox and can create quick replies. A free version is available with certain limitations and paid versions to load many personal and business use features.


6. Thunderbird

ThunderbirdNo one can ignore thunderbird when it comes to compiling the list of best and free email clients. A most popular email program and Mozilla Foundation’s most successful product after Firefox web-browser.

Mozilla Thunderbird is more than an email client. Thunderbird is an email, news, and chats client at the same time. You get benefited from over 1000 available add ons, and the best feature is the social networking website integration to Thunderbird.

You can integrate Facebook chat, Google Doc, IRC, Twitter in Thunderbird. There is also an option at your disposal that helps you import calendar and contacts alongside your emails.


7. Claws Mail

Claws MailFree & Open source email client with highly configurable functionalities. You can use Claws mail on Windows & Unix platforms. It is packed with a ton of features that can help you to increase your productivity level like Filtering, Multiple accounts, Automated mail checking, Multiple MH folder support, etc.

We mentioned that it’s highly configurable because there are so many advanced features that come in paid versions of other email clients whereas Claws mail gives you everything for free.


8. ProtonMail

ProtonMail focuses on security. This application is divinely designed in Switzerland, and it has really high trade security. ProtonMail really tries to encrypt well. It encrypts every single email to make a conscious effort towards improving your privacy for a real basic plan.

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If you are looking for a pro account where you can add up to five addresses, and you can even access up to a thousand labels and folders, that is gonna set you back five euros a month. But at the same time, you will get fully free encrypted emails in the free plan too.



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