In this advancing world today, technology is upgrading every single day. Discoveries are made more often. It is obvious to see drastic changes in the world of our traditional reading style. Nowadays, everybody works on Windows PC, so some great free ebook creators are for windows.

An ebook in the simple electronic book is a digital form of a book from where users can read their contents. This book contains images, videos, audio, and many attractive elements that make reading fun. So, if you are a beginner and want to start with your first ebook building project, all you need is a good ebook for creating software.

Although you go searching on the internet, no doubt you will come up with a lot of such alternatives. But again, quality matters the most when it comes to showing your full potential. Therefore, in this article, we will mention some of the best ebook software creators for windows.

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Best Free eBook Creator Software For Windows in 2022

Confused about which ebook maker you should go to? It’s always a pesky task to do so. But nothing to worry about as we have the best options available for you. Check out the list below to find your perfect suite.

1. FlipHTML5


FlipHTML 5 is among the most recommended tool if you are looking for free eBook creators. All you need to do is sign-up on the website, and you will be provided with a step-by-step guide to start with your eBook creation journey. This is a great platform to start with. FlipHTML offers 10 diverse and fully customizable templates and allows users to create their own coverage.

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2. Calibre eBook Management

Calibre eBook Management

Another great option could be the Calibre eBook management tool. This software is a multi-platform free eBook Creator that provides you with all useful tools to create your ebooks fast and easily. Plus, it supports an extensive number of input file formats like HTML, PDF, DOCS, PML, CBC, etc. You can also customize and edit your eBook’s cover page and add elements like content table, word replacement, etc.

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3. Lucid Press

Lucid Press

Sign-up for free with one of the most professional eBook creators, Lucid Press. This amazing software allows you to create professional-looking ebooks with images and videos attached to them. They provide you with amazing templates made by experts, and surprisingly most of these templates are available for free. When it comes to publishing, Lucid Press also provides a huge crowd of readers.

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4. Kitaboo


Kitaboo is a cloud-based digital publishing platform. Here, you can create and publish all DRM-protected content. It allows you to create great-looking ebooks where you can add images, audio, videos, read aloud, and many more to make your art much interactive. They also offer a conversion service that lets you convert your digital manuscripts into ePUB files.

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5. Flip Builder

Flip Builder

Next, we have the Flip Builder. This awesome ebook creator comes with a lot of diversity. With Flip Builder’s help, you can analyze your readers’ behavior and trends. Moreover, the ebooks created on Flip Builder are also mobile-friendly so that you can access your favorite ones anywhere and anytime.

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6. Canva


Canva is again one of the most popular ebook builders. With over 1 million stock images to choose from, you can create professionally designed ebooks from the existing impressive templates. You can organize things and create detailed changes as per your wish. Lastly, it also allows you to upload your stuff to the cloud, so you can retrieve them whenever you want.

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7. JotterPad


Jottenpad is a simple-to-use text editor which doubles as an ebook maker. It has all the tools a modern-day ebook creator should have, but it gives it in a much simpler way.

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If you’re looking for a books editor or creator app that comes with an active spellcheck assistant, this is a great option. You can easily work on multiple projects at the same time.

It also gives you a separate idea window where you can pin your ideas that you can later incorporate into your stories. Very neat.

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From Editor’s Desk

Finally, you have reached the end of the article. So, these were some quality options that you can choose from if you are willing to get started with ebook creation on your windows machine. This sort of work demands a lot of your creativity, and we believe the right tools and features can add up with your talent to give your work some extra spark.

Let us know in the comment below about your favorite one. And we appreciate your patience in spending some of your precious time with us.


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