If you ask us, idle games are the absolute best. There is no need to invest precious time learning and upgrading different aspects of the game. You can continue this game whenever you want without using any past progress.

Idle games are usually soft, gentle world-building or farming games that are designed in a lightweight manner to suit almost any mobile phone. But as per variety, idle games can have a much broader plot, including wars, magic, and fantasy injustice.

We have brought you some of the best idle games for your Android or iOS device that you will love playing.

Best Idle Games for Android and iPhone (iOS)

1. Neko Atsume

Neko AtsumeWould you like to play a simple cat-collecting game whenever you are free? The artistic style of this game is inspired by the unique 2D Kawaii creations that have been so popular in Japan for the last decade.

Neko Atsume allows you to customize your cat, feed them, and care for them daily. You cover some fun challenges and become the owner of all the cats in the game (at some point!). You can also upgrade to a premium member and unlock them all simultaneously!

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2. RAID: Shadow Legends

RAIDThe user interface is stunning, mysterious, and detail-oriented, as if the costume of a billion-dollar show. Not only do the champions look unique, but they all have utterly different RPG tracks and plot lines.

RAID is based in the fantasy world of Teleria. Along with the main plot, several events are regularly held in the game. You can battle other characters using your unique skills, such as armor, weaponry, strengths, and skills. 

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3. Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Idle Theme ParkTheme park gameplays look delightful on the mobile screen, especially the ones as vibrant and magnetic as the Idle Theme Park Tycoon. It is a world-building game where you create certain rides, earn money from them, and use the money to develop the theme park further.

However, the game can be quite time-consuming since keeping the theme park running takes some effort. The game includes theme park parties, an upgraded water park, and a series of daily tasks that must be completed.

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4. AFK Arena

AFK ArenaTry the AFK Arena game if you love an anime-inspired interface and a mysterious fantasy plot line. This is another RPG game where each character has unique magical properties. As you progress through the game, you encounter unknown legendary stories, attractive lovers, and challenging enemies you must beat. 

There are more than 100 heroes in seven factions that you can collect and level up. If you are looking for an idle game to play in your free time, you will love this one. 

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5. Forest Island

Forest IslandPromoted as a relaxing game, Forest Island starts with a desolate Island with endangered species and a deteriorating environment that you must bring back to life.

While most of the animals throughout the game have been kept simple and easy to spot, users still get to learn a lot about the animal kingdom while playing this game.

When you complete challenges, you get to unlock a new animal. The app has been praised for being educational and ethical, even for younger users.

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6. Cats & Soup

Cats & SoupIdle gamers seem to be cat lovers, judging from all the popular. This game involves a bunch of cats living in a fantasy cat world where they behave like humans. The protagonist cats sell soup dishes and use the earned money to develop their household and, eventually, the whole town.

Cats and Soup lets users create more expensive dishes as they progress through the game. It is a simple game with a retro art interface that you will like.

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7. Soda Dungeon 2

Soda Dungeon 2Straight out of a dark fantasy book, the protagonist of the Soda Dungeon game runs a soda shop for adventures in the middle of nowhere in a magical land. Good and bad wizards, fairies, and monsters visit this tavern. 

To make the RPG gameplay more fun, you can select and upgrade different characters and switch roles. You can either sell drinks and upgrade your Tavern slowly or raid the whole tower and use it for some other mission.

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8. Forager

ForagerIf you love simple, open-world adventures without any fantasy undertone, Forager is for you. This game uses an early 90s design style and can bring back a sense of nostalgia for many users.

The Forager game follows the journey of all stages of human civilization – from foraging to farming to industries and then technology. Like human nature, this game does not limit itself to fending for food and includes adventure trips and crafting games to make life more fun!

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9. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: DiveUsers get to create some really cute girl characters and then start the journey of auto-battling throughout the storyline.

Like most idle games, battling is not the only thing happening. Some fights and friendships keep you moving through the chapters. 

This strategy game has some RPG elements and an anime-inspired interface. This makes it one of the best games for teens and young adults.

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10. Cat Snack Bar

Cat Snack BarIt’s another cat game with a similarly cute and engaging interface with unlimited opportunities for expansion and growth. The game is regularly updated to add more features, making it better.

As you keep selling snacks at your snack bar, you can diversify and add other items to the menu and open up a restaurant, a coffee shop, and a bakery nearby. As you keep playing, you meet more and more cats daily and give yourself a constant source of dopamine.

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Idle games can be the most therapeutic activity for gaming lovers, can improve moods, and reduce stress. This post covers some of the best idle games for iOS and Android, from dark fantasy worlds to cute cat food cafes.