Many people still don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated mailbox to receive mail. If you also live where mail can’t be delivered directly, you must have heard about P.O. Box. Also known as Post Office Box or Postal Box. A secure mailbox is usually placed in the Post Office hallway near you. People use it all the time to receive mail. 

Some people use P.O. Boxes because they don’t want others to know their permanent residential address. It is safe as it requires you to enter the access code to receive your mail. Also, all of your mails are monitored by the security cameras at the Post Office, so they are always safe.

However, there are some limitations to P.O. Boxes as well. First, they are only suitable for some package types. They only allow different package types from USPS. If you want to get all of your online packets delivered here, it might not be possible. Luckily, many best P.O. Box alternatives are available.

Best P.O. Box Alternatives

1. Earth Class Mail

If you are looking for a mailbox service provider, then Earth Class Mail is a platform you should check out. It uses third-party cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive to deliver documentation and mail. With the virtual address supplied with the service, you can seamlessly route your postal mail.

Earth Class MailThis is one of the best services available on the internet for small businesses and startups. The platform provides high-resolution PDF output, HIPAA-certified professionals, and multiple integrations.

With over 90 real business addresses, digital security via 256-bit encryption, secure handling and shredding services, and automated check deposit services, it is one of the best P.O. Box alternatives.

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2. US Global Mail

Next up is US Global Mail which is also an excellent mailbox service. When you sign up with the service, you get a permanent street address, free 180-day letter storage, and free 30-day package storage. With companies like Shell and Netflix as their clients, the service has a reputation for being safe. 

US Global MailThe platform provides extensive services, including mail/parcel forwarding, check deposit, storage, consolidation and repackaging, and free check deposits. You can even receive online shopping packages with multiple shipping options through Aramex, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. 

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3. Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is a virtual mailbox, an excellent solution for businesses and brands wanting to give their customers digital mailboxes. The best thing is that the platform provides training and resources so people can use the service efficiently. 

Anytime MailboxUsers can preview the digital addresses for all the locations they select. The platform has over 700 mailing addresses. When you combine them with features like seamless accessibility, repackaging, international mail forwarding, and superior customer support, it becomes one of the best mailbox services. Make sure that you check out the service, as they have some great features. 

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4. Virtual Post Mail

Virtual Post MailVirtual Post Mail is one of the best P.O. Box alternatives available if you require storage for business use. Unlike P.O. Box, this service works online, and you can use it to manage your businesses’ storage, documents, and online mail. 

The service allows you to access scanned postal mail online. When you sign up, you receive free services and a digital mailbox. You can use the mailbox to send and receive mail.  

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5. UPS Store

If you have a UPS store in your locality, it can serve as one of the best P.O. Box alternatives. The store allows you to have a dedicated mailbox, and you can use it to receive mail. It is safe as it is situated in the UPS store itself. However, not all UPS Stores have this facility, so you should check out the local UPS store. 

6. Independent Package Stores

Many independent package stores exist in many areas. They provide mailboxes in their stores. You must step outside and explore which package stores deliver these services in your area. 

7. Traveling Mailbox

As the name suggests, Traveling Mailbox is an excellent P.O. Box alternative for those who travel internationally. The service allows you to scan and manage your mail online. This service can forward your mail and packages to other locations worldwide. 

Traveling MailboxSigning up with the service gives you an actual physical street address and unlimited phone support. The platform allows you to view your scanned mail in PDF and send it to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. Unlike P.O. Box, it will also enable you to collect your mail.

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8. PostScanMail

For people who want 24/7 access to their mail, PostScanMail is the service they should sign up for. The platform provides complete control over what you send and receive, and its app is full of nifty features to make everything smooth. 

PostScanMailThe best thing is that it provides users with unlimited cloud storage. If you are a business that receives tons of mail daily, this is a service you can try. It also allows you to track your mail and packages. Furthermore, it has features like local pickup, scanning, storage, automatic mail filters, online document archiving, and document recycling.

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