One of the most commonly used document formats is PDF. Nowadays, all physical documents are being replaced with PDFs. So, it is quite likely that you may have to access a PDF file from your phone. For that, a PDF reader app must be there on your phone.

A PDF reader is a special application that helps you open and edits PDF files on your smartphone. Most Android smartphones come with preinstalled PDF readers in it. However, if you are an iPhone user, you might face problems.

So, we have prepared a list of the best PDF reader apps for iPhones. The list contains apps with different dynamics. Some limit their features to opening PDF files, while others allow you to edit your documents. 

Best PDF Readers For iPhone and iPad (iOS)

  • PDF Reader Pro
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • PDF Reader – PDFelement 4+
  • PDF Expert
  • Foxit PDF Reader
  • Documents: Media File Manager
  • Xodo PDF Reader & Scanner
  • GoodReader

1. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader ProIt is the most popular PDF reader app for iPhones. PDF Reader Pro not only lets you open and read PDFs but also offers some extra features. For instance, you can use it to highlight, convert and lock PDF files.

A unique feature of PDF Reader Pro is text to speech option. This useful feature reads the text in your PDF, giving you an audio-visual experience with it. The feature is generally useful but mostly benefits visually impaired people.


2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat ReaderWe all know about Adobe Acrobat Reader, the oldest software for reading and converting PDF files. Previously, there was no separate Adobe application for iPhone, but now you can use it on your iOS devices. The app’s features are the best in class.

Adobe Acrobat Reader can open all types of PDF files, including password-protected files, PDF portfolios, fillable forms, etc. It can also convert other document types into PDFs or vice versa. However, some features are behind the paywall.


3. PDF Reader – PDFelement 4+ 

PDF Reader – PDFelement 4+ PDF Reader – PDFelement 4+ is a versatile PDF reader app for iPhone with cross-platform support. The app lets you open, edit, annotate, and convert documents in PDF formats. Apart from its cross-platform sync, the editing tool of PDF Reader – PDFelement 4+ is pretty functional.

For example, the app allows you to easily change the font, text size, etc., in a PDF document. To use the app and access all its features, you must log in with your Wonder Share account. All features are free for registered users.


4. PDF Expert

PDF ExpertIf your iOS device is running out of storage and you are searching for a lightweight PDF reader, then PDF Expert is a good option. The app provides all required features in a compact size. Its features include a PDF reader, editor, converter, etc.

You can also use the app to fill up forms in PDF formats. The app’s user interface is straightforward, making it easy to use. However, the developers have not compromised its quality while making it compact.


5. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF ReaderThis is an easy-to-use PDF reader with very specific features. The app can open any type of PDF of any size. So, if you are looking for a PDF reader to only open documents, then Foxit PDF Reader is for you.

Foxit PDF Reader does not allow you to edit PDFs, but it allows you to highlight texts, annotate them, and assign passwords. Due to its few features, the app works super smooth and doesn’t even take up much storage space.


6. Documents: Media File Manager

Documents: Media File ManagerIt is another amazing PDF reader app for iPhones. The app is feature-loaded, so you will find all PDF-related options under one roof. The best part is that the app is meant for PDF and other document formats.

That means you can use it as a download manager on your iPhone. The app also has an audio and video player for playing multimedia files. Most of the features are free to use, except for some that require in-app purchases.


7. Xodo PDF Reader & Scanner

Xodo PDF Reader & ScannerThis is comparatively a new addition to the List of PDF reader apps for iPhones. The app is like a multi-purpose tool that opens not only PDF but also XML, XPS, HTML, and other types of files. You can also convert your PDF into several document formats, including Word and HTML.

Several convenience functions, such as dark mode, text highlighter, and annotation, are available in Xodo PDF Reader & Scanner. The PDF reading function is free to use; however, the additional functions require a subscription.


8. GoodReader

GoodReaderOur following inclusion is GoodReader, a worthy PDF reader app for iPhones. The app is one of the oldest PDF reader apps after Adobe. One of the main reasons for using GoodReader is its frequent updates.

So you don’t have to worry about bugs or miss out on any of GoodReader’s latest features. Some common features you will get in the app are PDF annotation, PDF highlighting, etc. GoodReader costs $5.99, but all the features are available at this price. 



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