The competition to get your kid to a good preschool has gotten fierce. It is always a race to find the best preschool and then get an interview. However, you can skip all that craziness and leverage your smartphone to introduce your kids to the world of learning.

Some great preschool apps for smartphones help your kids get an excellent introduction to the alphabet, words, and numbers.  

Using preschool apps is also an excellent way to introduce your kid to the world of apps and make them properly learn new things. These apps use their favorite characters to keep everything intuitive and teach them valuable lessons. 

This guide has some of the best preschool apps for kids and parents. So if you have a 3 or 4-year-old kid and want to keep them engaged while teaching them something good, check them out. 

Best Preschool Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Smart Tales – Learning Games

Smart Tales is one of the best preschool apps available to keep your kid occupied for a long time. The app has a vast library that comes with a lot of interactive stories and animations. 

Smart Tales - Learning GamesThe app focuses on teaching the four essential subjects: STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This is a perfect app for kids aged 3 and up. The app teaches all the essential problem-solving skills along with critical thinking and science in a fun way. So definitely check it out. 

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2. Kids Academy 

Kids Academy is easily one of the most popular preschool apps available in the market right now. The thing that makes this app great is its content. With over 5000 preschool learning activities, you can get many things like educational games, animated videos, interactive stories, worksheets, songs, and puzzles on this app. 

Kids Academy It is an excellent app if you want your kid to learn all the core subjects like literacy, reading, writing, language, and math. The best thing is that it allows your kid to learn social and emotional skills. So it is an app worth trying. 

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3. Preschool Games

As the name gives it away, Preschool Games is a fun app with many games for preschool kids. These interactive games can help your child learn new skills and develop. There are over 24 fun games on this app for preschoolers. 

Preschool GamesWith these games, they can learn letters, shapes, colors, numbers, pattern recognition, etc. Teachers design the curriculum for these games so your kid will learn while playing something fun. The app is used by thousands of users worldwide, and you should use it too. 

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4. Homer Reading

Next up on the list is Homer Reading, and which is a fun app for preschool kids. Parents can utilize this app to get help with pre-reading for preschoolers. The app helps your kid to read and learn new stuff. Many fun activities include songs, stories, poems, coloring pages, etc. So your kid falls in love with reading. 

Homer ReadingThe reading approach of the app is very well-balanced. There is a free version and a paid version of the app. The paid version takes it to the advanced level with phonics, sight words, and reading comprehension.

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5. Aldoo Kids – Preschool Games

Aldoo Kids is a fun preschool app to keep your kids occupied for a long time. It has over 500 learning activities for kids to be occupied with something good. The app covers all the fundamental aspects of learning, like ​​numbers, letters, and shapes. 

Aldoo Kids - Preschool GamesIt takes learning further by teaching your kids about creative subjects and general thinking challenges. Having an app that focuses on creativity is good, and you should check it out. 

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6. Numberita

As the name suggests, Numberita is a preschool app with everything to do with numbers. This app teaches your kid about numbers and their names. It covers everything quite extensively. The app teaches your kid to identify the numbers and learn to count. 

NumberitaThe premise of the app is fun and cute. It has a cafe, and friendly monsters visit the cafe as customers. This helps the kids to learn counting in a fun way. 

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7. Kokoro Kids

Next up on the list is Kokoro Kids, and while it might have a weird name, the app is great for preschoolers. It has many fun games and creates a safe environment for the kids to develop their cognitive skills. 

Kokoro KidsWith this app, kids can learn counting, positions, colors, patterns, addition, subtraction, music, arts, language, etc. So make sure that you check out this app. 

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If you are looking for a robust app that focuses on all the core subjects like Reading, Math, World Around Us (basic science and social studies), and Art & Colors, then is going to be a great option. 

ABCmouse.comWith this app, your preschool kid can learn letters, numbers, and shapes with the ABC learning games, nursery games, number games, reading games, preschool art games, and preschool alphabet games.

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