Print-on-demand services are pretty popular these days. With eCommerce platforms on the rise, it is easier to access these services. People love to take photos and store them forever; you can rely on print-on-demand Photo Book publishers. 

These platforms take photos from you and provide you with many styles and formats. Then, you can publish your Photo Book and sell it online or keep it with you. However, you must choose the best platform. 

In this guide, you will find the best print-on-demand Photo Book publishers. You can choose either of them to create your Photo Books. 

Best Print-On-Demand Photo Book Publishers

1. Blurb

Blurb is a famous print-on-demand photo publisher that you can try. They print all kinds of stuff on demand, including photo books, trade books, catalogs, magazines, and wall art.Blurb

The pricing for a basic photo book with 20 pages starts at around 24.99 USD, which is quite good as they deliver quality. 

It also gives you a range of options in terms of size(from 7” x 7” to 13” x 11”) and covers (softcover, ImageWrap hardcover, and Dust Jacket hardcover). As you move up in any of the categories, the prices increase. So make sure to try the service. 

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2. Lulu

Lulu is one of the market’s best print-on-demand Photo Book publishers for people looking for an affordable option.Lulu

They have many styles and versions to choose from. The Small Landscape version with 80 pages starts at USD 7.81, which is quite affordable compared to the others on the list. 

It also provides you with multiple platforms to sell your photo book. For instance, you can sell them on the Lulu marketplace and Amazon. You can also create yearbooks, calendars, and photo ebooks along with photo books. Make sure to check out the site.  

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3. BookBaby

As the name gives it away, BookBaby is a print-on-demand photo book publisher, and they are the best at it.BookBaby

They are the sole publishers of the Outdoor Photographer’s American Landscapes photo book series. So you know that you are going to get quality and nothing else. 

If you wish to order photo books in bulk, this is the site you should check out. For USD 99, you can create a sample photo book. Once you are satisfied with the sample, you can place orders.

The minimum number is 25 photo books, but there is no upper cap on how many books you can order. 

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4. Amazon KDP

This is an odd addition to the list as Amazon KDP is an excellent platform for print-on-demand book publishing but not so great for photo book publishing.Amazon KDP

However, this is an excellent place to start if you are just a beginner. Creating a photo book here is quite simple. 

You can start as if you were publishing a regular book. But ensure that you follow all the Amazon KDP guidelines for adding photos to your book.

There are a few styling options, but they are all softcover, so keep that in mind. It is simple to get onboard, and your books are available within 48 hours, which is excellent. 

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5. IngramSpark

IngramSpark is already a prominent name in the self-publishing sector, but you can also create some stunning Photo Books on this platform.IngramSpark

You can choose from two options: Standard Color or Premium Color. The Standard Color option is cheaper for people on a budget. 

The site offers a wide range of sizes. One of the best things about IngramSpark is that it has its own distribution network.

So you can take advantage of that and sell your books to retail bookstores, libraries, and schools. Then you can also sell your books on Amazon.

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6. Photo Books Pro

The name pretty much gives it away, huh? Well, Photo Books Pro is a platform specializing in Photo Book publishing so naturally, using it is a no-brainer. The site has InDesign, Illustrator, Pixellu Smart Albums, and Affinity Publisher to create a photo book PDF.Photo Books Pro

It offers a wide range of photo book types, binding, styling, etc. The pricing starts at just USD 9.99, and this is one of the best print-on-demand Photo Book publishers. 

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7. Gelato

Next up on the list is Gelato, a popular print-on-demand service that makes all kinds of stuff, including mugs, T-shirts, etc.Gelato

The good thing is that they also make photo books in two styles: softcover and hardcover. The site has active production in 32 countries and a vast distribution network. 

You also get Shopify and Etsy integration with the site, so you can seamlessly sell your stuff on Etsy or your own Shopify store. The platform works with popular design services, so you can easily create a good photo book with this site.  

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8. Treering

If you are looking for a dedicated platform specializing in photo yearbook publishing, then Treering is the perfect option. They are environmentally conscious and work sustainably.Treering

The premise is simple: for every book sold on the platform, TreeRing plants a tree. They also use recycled paper to help preserve the forests. 

Treering does not have a lower order limit. The best thing is that everything is on demand, with no contracts or commitments. You can easily choose from the 300 stylish templates available on the site. If you are lost, you can even request a yearbook idea. This is a site worth exploring. 

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