These days, people are searching for a screen recorder for windows computers. There are many reasons behind it, such as gaming, streaming, making tutorial videos, and more. So who use windows 10 computers already know that it comes with a default screen recording tool.

But advanced users didn’t prefer it because it doesn’t have sufficient features to fulfill their needs. So here we make a list of the best screen recording software for Windows PC. These tools have various features that will help you boost your productivity while recording videos.

What is Screen Recording Software?

I want to tell you guys that screen recording software is a program. And it allows you to make a screen capture of your computer with ease. This software can record all actions that happened on your computer screen.

It does not matter that you are there or away from your computer. And it will capture all the things that will happen on your computer screen. You can use it to monitor and also to record video courses, games, etc.

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List of Best Screen Recording Softwares for Windows 10

Here is some great software you can use to take screenshots and record your PC workspace. Just take a look at the list. It includes free and paid software.

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a tool that allows you to take video screenshots of your workspace. And it is easy and straightforward to use. It offers you a complete suite of tools and options for professional screen capture.

It offers features such as record webinars, Record webcam, Record games, Add your logo, and Share. It is a very lightweight free tool, so we put it on top. You can take a look once.


2. CamStudio


CamStudio is another best tool that allows you to monitor your desktop activities. Either in your presence in your absence as well. You can easily record out your computer with this software. It can record all screen and audio activities on your computer screen. And can create industry-standard AVI video files.


3. TinyTake


TinyTake is free to use screen video recording software. It is available for Microsoft, Windows, and Mac. Using TinyTake screen recording software. You can capture both images and videos on your computer screen.

TinyTake also allows you to record the computer screen. You can edit audio or videos and tweak the content’s look and feel. And you can define the branched scenario, which can be done very quickly and effectively.


4. Free Screen Video Recorder

Free Screen Video Recorder

It is a compact screen video recorder and screenshot capture tool. It allows you to record screen activities easily, and you capture everything on the computer screen. This will be including objects, menus, full screen, and rectangular regions. The concerned software takes a picture or video of the user’s computer screen. And also can upload it to the Web, FTP, computer, or clipboard.


5. Snagit


Snagit is a  screen recording software. It gives you the complete tool for screen capture and video recording, which you can perform on Windows and Mac. Combine traditional screenshots, video recording, image editing, and file sharing.

It is fast and easy to use. Snagit prioritizes screenshot capturing and video recording. And editing of those shots or video clips. The video editing feature in Snagit has a strict limit.


6. ScreenFlow


ScreenFlow is one of the most popular software, which Mac users mostly use. However, this software is only available for Mac users. ScreenFlow is an award-winning software and easy-to-use video editing, screen recording, and sharing tool from Telestream.


7. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is one of the best screen recording software. It is available for Windows, allowing users to record their computer screen. In addition, the software is available with many screen recording and video editing tools.

There is no limit on the length of the videos that you can record. This is one of the best, excellent, and mind-blowing screen recording computer software.


8. MadCap Mimic

MadCap Mimic

MadCap Mimic is again one of the most advanced screen recording tools. It can be used on your Windows 10 computer. This tool is great for creating interactive videos and simulations. MadCap Mimic offers three modes of operations for screen recording to its users. And these are manual, automatic, and full motion.


9. Free Cam

Free Cam

Well, if you people are searching for a free and easy-to-use screen recording software for your Windows 10 computer. Then you are suggested to install Free Cam. It allows you to create screenshots most easily. Apart from this, the screen recording utility also offers you guys built-in audio and video editors. It is a free tool, and it does not put any watermark on the videos.




EZVID is a tool that helps you to record the screen in the best quality. And this software is one of the best available tools. Which lets you capture and record your computer screen in a natural way. EZVID is exceptional because of the power of its cutting edge.

It has more effects and features like voice recording, face cam, voice synthesis, screen drawing, and speed control. And some other features which you will not find in any other screen recording software. As a result, EZVID is the world’s best solution for making videos that entertain, inform, and enhance you.


11. Camtasia Screen Recorder

Camtasia Screen Recorder

Camtasia comes into a much handy one to use. With a broad range of necessary tools very well-organized, it becomes easier to identify and use them. Camtasia Recorder is the latest upgrade from Camtasia with a 64-bit processor and can record 4k videos. Also, it shares a variety of pre-build assets starting from the basic ones to many advanced effects.

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12. Atomic Active Presenter 7

Atomic Active Presenter 7

Atomic Presenter is a powerful screen recorder that can record every single part of your screen. However, the free version might not open all the exclusive features for you. But the best part of this software is that you can make high-quality screencasts regardless of any time limit and no watermark over your videos.

You can further use its free tools to add more creativity to your recorded videos. Moreover, you can export your videos in various formats that include all the major ones.

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