Text-to-speech is common very nowadays. Although the idea arises for those, who can’t read. But, currently, from students to professionals and children to adults, everyone uses Text to speech apps.

There are many benefits of these apps. You can save a lot of time. Even you can rest your eyes if you read all day. One of the significant benefits is correct pronunciations.

Using this application, you can improve your listening and speaking ability. That’s why we sorted out the Best Text to Speech Apps for Android and iPhone users.

Best Text to Speech Apps for Android and iPhone

We hover around the internet to find the best and free text to speech apps for you. And come up with this text-to-speech app list that can meet your needs.

1. Talk Free

talk free

Well, Talk Free is one of the popular apps to convert text into speech. Over 5 million people use this app. Using the app, you can listen to a written text effortlessly if you can’t read it. All you have to do is import the text into the app.

The app support lot of language over the world. Primarily, the app can run in offline mode. But an internet connection is also required when converting text using a webpage. Moreover, you can export the audio to your file.

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2. Pocket


Unlike other apps, Pocket is another useful app for text to voice conversion. The app has the ability to create custom playlists where you can add different types of text content inside the application.

You save any type of text content from anywhere. Most users listen to the New York Times, The Guardian, the Washington Post, Flipboard, The Atlantic, and many more. Needless to say, the app works fine in offline mode as well.

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3. Text to Speech

Are you looking for the best Text to Speech app for iPhones and iPads? Then, we present you with the Text to Speech app, which can help you effortlessly listen to written text content.

Text to speech iOS app supports 95 different voices. Select any voice that suits you. Along with that, the app also supports 38 different languages/accents. Using the app, you can adjust the pitch and rate. Moreover, you can use the app without the internet.

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4. Narrator’s Voice

narrator's voice

Do you want to listen to some text content with soothing sounds? If yes, then Narrator’s voice is the best for you. Thus, it offers a voice according to your choice. So it is pretty beautiful that it has a lot of voices, making it unique from others.

This is not a text-to-voice convert app; you can create funny messages for your friend. Generally, the app is free-to-use. But its frequent ads can hamper your listening experience. Therefore, you can buy a cheap subscription.

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5. Speechify

Speechify is the best option to convert your written text into an audiobook. Using Speechify, all you have to do is to scan any printed on a page or a book and upload PDF. The app will give you the audio version of the particular text.

The main highlight of the app is that the app supports 30 different AI-engineered voices and 20 different popular languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.

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6. Voice Aloud Leader

voice aloud leader

As the name suggests, Voice Aloud Leader is one of the best text-to-speech apps for Android and iOS users. Needless to say, the Voice Aloud Leader is more advance than other apps when it comes to more supportable text input.

It supports almost every type of text, such as OpenOffice documents, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, AZW, and FB2, whereas PDF, or any other text, is quite common. Hence, the app supports HTML text as well.

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7. Onestep Reader

onestep reader

Another considerable text to speech convert app on our list. Turn on your phone camera, focus on the text, and do your job. You are ready to listen to the audio of the particular text; that’s it.

Using the app, you can customize font size, text, background color, and many more. Moreover, it supports popular languages.

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8. Natural Reader

natural reader

Being a convenient app for text to speech converters, the Natural Reader deserves a spot on our list. If you want to listen to the human voice? Then no other comes close to this app, as its name suggests.

Besides this, the app is very compatible with different text formats. It has more than 50 different voices and supports more than 20 languages.

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9. Capti Voice

capti voice

Since the text-to-voice is the main priority, then Capti Voice can match your priority. Using the application, you easily convert a text format into an audio format that can help you.

Capti Voice has all the required features, unlike other apps in this genre. Hence, it has no language barrier. You can know the word’s definition by using the auto-detect feature of parts of speech.

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10. Voice Reader Speech Central

Voice Reader Speech Central

Another pretty handy text-to-speech app can help turn a text into a human voice. The app supports numerous text type including .html, .txt, and .rtf.

The fully customizable app is free but has limitations. You can buy the premium if you need its services frequently.

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Final Words

With the help you these apps, you can easily listen to a particular text content instead of reading. Hence, all apps have almost the same features and build on the same concept. Still, I eagerly want to know which app you want to use from our Best free text to speech apps for Android and iOS. 


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