With evolving technology, life has become easier than ever. Now, we can see the world in our palms. As a professional trucker, you are stressed about finding the best routes, parking, and restaurants and even checking the weather before a trip with ease.

Don’t worry! You can do all this stuff using a simple trucker application on your phone. As its market demands, there are available huge collections of the trucker app. But all apps are not as useful as they claim. That is why we sorted out the best trucker apps for android and iOS users.

Best Trucker Apps for Android and iOS

We list all the best trucker apps below to make a trucker’s life easier. Depending on your usage and needs, you can use any of these apps for a stress-free journey.

1. Truckers Tool

truckers tool

As its name suggests, Trucker Tool is one of the finest trucking applications for truckers to make their road-living life enjoyable. You can find any premium book using the Truckers tool, even if you can book loads.

If you always end up with a mess while planning a trip, Truckers Tool can reduce your pain with a perfect trip plan template. It can also help you find the lowest fuel price.

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2. Next Trucking

next trucking

The second trucking app is on our list. Finding any loads and books will be easier with Next Trucking. Painless freight will help increase your earning potential and fulfill streamlined work as they claim.

Next Trucking app has a terminal map that can help you find the best route. Moreover, it has a chat support system. Chat support is ready to roll your wheel if you are stuck anywhere. Additionally, the chat system supports Spanish, English, and Chinese language.

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3. Trucker’s Digest

trucker digest download

Being in the trucking industry, you always have to be up-to-date about the industry. Thus, Trucker’s Digest is ready to give every piece of information about the industry.

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To maintain faith and inspiration, the free application provides many interviews with other truckers that can help other truckers join the industry. Its easy-to-use UI and daily magazine make it more essential for trucking professionals.

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4. TruckChat

Another very useful tracking application for truckers. Who does not want to connect with people in the same industry? Almost everyone wants to connect with others to solve problems, better opportunities, and many more.

TruckChat was simply invented based on the concept of communication with other truckers anonymously. You can post, view, and comment within a specific mile radius. However, TruckChat is very simple to use.

Download for Android and iOS

5. Drivewyze


Weigh stations always take a lot of time, money, and energy. And every driver hates to walk through a weigh station. Presenting the Drivewyze can help you bypass the weigh station and save your precious time and money.

The app will notify you by detecting nearby weight stations. As a bonus, they will notify you when you are 2 miles away from a weigh station so you can prepare.

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Moreover, the app has the license of more than 35 state law enforcement agencies. In the first 30 days, you can use this tracking application to skip weigh stations for free.

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6. Trucker Path


Trucker Path is a terrific application for truckers. It provides GPS and maps to help you navigate your vehicle correctly. You can also plan your trip to make your journey smoother than ever.

The application will inform you about nearby restaurants, gyms, and stores. Additionally, the app will help you to avoid sharp turns, bridges, low overpasses, and many more. You can find truck parking nearby.

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7. Truck Gps Navigation

truck gps navigation

With over 500k+ downloads and 4.4 ratings, the Truck GPS Navigation is one of the top-rated applications for truckers. Using Truck GPS navigation, you can easily and safely navigate your trucks.

Besides GPS navigation, it will help you to measure the distance of a road and come up with a suggestion for a less-distance road. It also provides information about sharp turns and low bridges.

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8. Highway Weather

highway weather

If your truck is going on a long journey, you should install the Highway Weather application on your phone. Running trucks in terrible weather can lead to many problems.

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Its weather forecast feature helps you learn about the weather. So you can prepare yourself before the press on the accelerator. Its easy-to-understand user interface makes everything easy for you. You can use Highway Weather without paying a penny.

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9. Trucker Path ELD Pro

eld pro

Trucker Path ELD Pro can help you if you want to count every service hour. Using its electric logbook, you can log every hour of service effortlessly.

Besides the electric logbook, you can also use its GPS monitor. Moreover, the app provides a fuel tracker feature to know your fuel level. Along with all these useful features, you also get a fleet management system and roadside inspection feature.

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10. TransParking

tranparking download

Another pretty useful trucking app for trackers. With the help of this application, a suitable parking place for your tracks.

You cannot only find suitable parking but also report on the parking occupant system if available. In addition, you can get access to Europe car parking, including their exclusive services.

Apart from these all handy features, you can also find restaurants to take a rest. Even you can its community to interact with truckers. Needless to say, it has 500K+ downloads over the Play Store.

Download for Android

Final Words

With the help of these apps, your driving efficiency will surely improve. But it all depends on what you want to accomplish because every single app is designed for a purpose. Out of this list of best trucker apps for Android and iPhone, it can meet one of your needs for sure.


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