Zoom Meetings are the new normal in this post-COVID era. Most people avoid any public meeting if they can and that is why virtual meeting platforms are on the rise. 

Zoom is easily one of the most popular virtual meeting platforms available. Most organizations and businesses use it to conduct online meetings. 

However, sometimes, these meetings can get a bit boring and monotonous and while there is not much you can do to revive the spark, there is always an option to use the best Zoom backgrounds available right now. 

In this guide, you will find the best Zoom backgrounds to try. Just download them and make sure to try them in your next meeting. It will be a visual refresh for people who are bored of seeing your office/home background.

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Best Zoom Backgrounds You Can Try

1. A Standard Office

A total no-brainer choice for a great Zoom background. If you have an upcoming meeting or want to look a little bit professional, then having a standard office in the background will be one of the best choices.

Just have it in your next meeting when you interact with your colleagues or superiors to give some of those professional vibes. 

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2. Lakeside House Background

Just feeling like flexing a little bit while sitting at your home? In that case, you can try this stunning lakeside house background. It looks like a royal house with a stunning lake in the background. Overall, it is just a wonderful background for any scenario, so try it out. 

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3. Inspirational Quotes in the Background

If you are conducting a seminar or a presentation where you want to radiate good vibes, then having an inspirational quotes background is the way! You can create several beautiful quotes with stunning background images that will get you noticed. Next time, if you want to make an impression, use some quotes. 

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4. Instructional Background

Are you planning to conduct a meeting where you will show a bunch of tutorials or instructions for an upcoming event? In that case, this background might be a game-changer for you.

This is particularly good for all the teachers and instructors as they have difficulty passing their message across the board every time. Just having a backdrop of instructions for all the attendees helps them remember what you want from them.  

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5. Branded Background

A brand is more powerful than any generic thing. It is what separates special from ordinary. So using your brand in the background will only enhance your brand value and image.

Having a branded image in the background reinforces your brand and makes you look professional. So you should miss any chances of adding it to your presentation. Next time, try putting your brand in the background and see the changes yourself. 

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6. Marvel Movies

Who doesn’t loves Marvel movies, right? This might be one of the best Zoom backgrounds for the sole reason that it is not something your see coming. Having Marvel in the background can be the icebreaker for many.

On top of that, it will also be a great background to start some unorthodox conversations. So if there is a casual meet, make sure to try this one out on Zoom. 

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7. Flowers in the Back

And then flowers in the background are always one of the best things. It can fill up anyone’s day with joy and positivity. These backgrounds will be good if you want to radiate positive vibes, especially in the morning when people want some good things to cheer them up. Make sure to use some flowers in the back in your upcoming meeting. 

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8. A Scenic View

Again, this is one of the safest and best Zoom backgrounds when you can’t figure out what to use. Just have something scenic in your background and then everything will fit right in. Another great thing is that it just makes the entire environment fun and you have some other things to talk about than some boring points. 

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9. Fitness Area

For all the people who keep their fitness above everything else and expect other people to do the same, this background is just the thing they need! It has a beautiful fitness area that makes you want to start exercising immediately. So if you have a fitness presentation coming, you can try this background. 

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10. Underwater Area

Most people are fascinated by the life that is present underwater. It is complex, vibrant, and has a unique element to it. If you want to bring the same element to a presentation, you can try this background in your next Zoom meeting and it is going to be wonderful. 

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