If there’s any contest for high-resolution content, a team comprising Samsung, Sony and BT Sports would definitely be winning. These three paired up with their hardware and content to produce the best ever 8K content of a football match happened last night at The Emirates. This was reviewed by Tom Warren from Verge, amazing everyone how this thing works.

The Grand TV with Pure Quality

A match between Olympiakos and Arsenal last night led the latter defeat, giving its fans a reason to remorse. But the grand TV installed in The Emirates stadium’s executive box is a reason to rejoice for those who’ve seen it.

Samsung’s 82″ QLED 8K display is one of the finest TVs out there. It’s now plugged to BT Sports cables of 8K content that has 48Gbps speeds for producing 7680 × 4320 resolution in 50fps. It provided both the 8K uncompressed and compressed feeds to realise the difference. Further, the latency was just a second from reality! This was seen and compared by the actual playing that happened behind the TV then, as Tom says.

Making this possible is yet another player, Sony. The Japanese camera maker’s product – UHC-8300 8K camera recorded the match in 8K resolution and simultaneously sent the feed to four serial digital interfaces (SDI) coaxial cables which carry 12 Gbps of bandwidth each. The idea is to split the high-quality content into four 4K feeds, that’s being displayed on all the quadrants of the screen.

Public reach?

Not anytime soon. Assume the technologies required for an 8K content to be reached homes, hard isn’t it? This could be possible in future, but never soon. Considering the average speeds of below 100mbps, a user should have an expensive 8K TV installed with said bandwidth and internet speeds to stream the content. He should be able to watch closely in a not less than 75″ TV to realise the worth of 8K video.

After all, BT Sports and Samsung promised to deliver 8K HDR streaming of Premier League and Champions League matches in August this year! We’re excited how sophisticated and simple this technology unfolds by then.

Via: The Verge


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