Fearing a potential lawsuit, the pirate games repository GOG-Games has moved its base to the dark web this week.

This decision was made after ignoring a lot of DMCA requests from the CD Projekt’s team – as whose copyrights are being violated. And since the latter has threatened with a ‘final call’, GOG-Games has decided to pull the plug for good and continue in the dark web.

Pushing Pirates to the Dark

CD Projekt has long been supporting anti-DRM protests, even though some of the popular games like Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher Series are being pirated by others. But this support stopped when a pirate site named GOG-Games started flourishing – with most games from the CD Projekt’s GOG store.

While the game company is frequently sending DMCA notices to the pirate’s hosting to stop this practice, they’ve long ignored this. But now, assuming they were tired and triggered by the pirate site using their proprietary “GOG” name, they’re now forcing the pirate to end this illegal practice.

gog-games is down
by u/Gatata- in PiratedGames

And they had succeeded, partially! Earlier this week, the GOG-Games showed up with a notice that they’re pulling down their site on the surface web, fearing a potential lawsuit from the CD Projekt. In an email warning they shared, the rights holder (CD Projekt) team said;

“The website is infringing GOG’s word by using it to brand an unlawful operation of downloading both CD PROJEKT Group’s and third parties’ games.”

As it was noted as a “final call”, the GOG-Games have decided to bow down – and move their base to the dark web! In a new announcement on their website, the pirate team revealed their move, alongside an onion link and directions to use a Tor browser for accessing it.

Responding to this move, a spokesperson from the CD Projekt’s GOG platform said to TorrentFreak that;

“Piracy is totally against those values and undermines the great work that developers and publishers do to create games we, and our community, cherish.”

This doesn’t mean that CD Projekt is allowing the pirate site to continue its work, but closely monitoring for any serious violations. That being said, it continues to pursue investigations against such pirates in the future.


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