If the time comes to install Google Chrome for the first time on your device, the browser will be able to adjust to your device default language to become your browser’s default language. The majority of the time, the default language is English.

But, if a user has to translate all menus and functions of the browser into another language, this choice is easily accessible. Additionally, sometimes, the browser will modify or update the default language by integrating the program or application of a third party.

Rarely is the language changed when you transfer your device to a new geographic area. It is possible to change your language to English or another language you had previously.

After adding a language, you can quickly switch between different languages after adding a new language to Google Chrome after adding a new language. This is especially beneficial for users who are bilingual or multilingual.

It is important to remember that once the default language has been changed, Google Chrome will not adopt the same language on all websites you visit from that date onwards. It will certainly not permit you to view web pages straight in your default language without you needing to translate the content manually.

While this feature is accessible, it doesn’t work precisely as you would expect it to do each time; if you now know what you can expect from the language settings within Google Chrome, we will explore the steps needed for altering the setting.

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Steps to Change Display Language in Google Chrome

Google Chrome can be used in different languages and lets you choose the language of display you prefer for menus, options, notifications and more. The possibility of changing the chrome language is available in the Languages settings.

  1. Firstly Launch google chrome browsers on your computer.
  2. After that, click on the Three Dot Button located on the top right and click on Settings.chrome settings in PC
  3. On the left pane menu, click on Advanced to expand more options.
  4. Click on Language again and click on a Language to see the drop-down menu option where you need to click on Add Language.
  5. A pop-up dialog box will appear, choose any language as per your need and click on the Add button.
  6. Now you can see the three-dot more actions button on the front of the language you added and tick Display Google Chrome in this language option.Display Google Chrome in this language
  7. After doing that, click on the Relaunch button to apply changes to the chrome browser.

If you’re planning to switch the display language of Google Chrome on your Windows PC to the language you speak or the language you are native to, you can achieve this through the steps in this post.


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