Refresh Rate has always been the topmost priority for gamers. However, if you’re a gamer, there’s no question you should absolutely get a high refresh rate monitor upgrading to a 144 or a 240 Hz monitor.

This means the screen refreshes itself 144 or 240 times a second, making gameplay look and feel much smoother than a regular 60 Hz screen. But, it looks like that in Windows 11, Microsoft capped the Display Refresh Rate, due to which users have to face many problems while gaming.

However, at the same time, users are also getting confused when it comes to changing the 60 Hz refresh rate to 120 or higher because of the new interface of Windows 11. Well, that’s why we are here to ease your work with our steps to change the display refresh rate on Windows 11 PC. So, let’s get started with this.

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What is Monitor Refresh Rate and Why Does It Matter? 

Understanding the term Monitor Refresh Rate can be confusing, especially for those who don’t play PC games. This is because although technology day by day is booming, there are still a few contents that you can enjoy at a higher refresh rate. So, let’s point out the exact definition of the Monitor Refresh Rate. 

How To Change The Display Refresh Rate on Windows 11Refresh rate is a technology used in TVs, computer monitors, and even gaming cell phones. However, before moving forward, we assume that you understand or are familiar with frames per second because it is crucial to know about FPS before knowing the Refresh Rate.

So, let’s continue on Refresh Rate; for example, when you’re buying a TV, you’ll see the tag Hz, which stands for Hertz. However, you will be shocked knowing that the Hollywood movies were shot at 24 Hz. This means that the images will appear 24 times per second on your Display.

Refresh Rate is the frequency of how fast the image will refresh on the TV per second. As per the detailed report on Google, in North America, the standard Refresh Rate is 60 and in other countries outside North America averages about 50. But, while gaming, it is essential that we have a higher refresh rate monitor because it gives us more advantage over the other players.

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Steps To Change The Display Refresh Rate on Windows 11

Here are some easy steps that you need to perform to change your display refresh rate on Windows 11 PC:

  1. Initially, press the Win+I key simultaneously to access the Windows 11 settings
  2. After that, switch to the System tab, then click on the Display.system display
  3. Now, scroll down and locate the Advanced Display. Then, click on it.
  4. After that, you’ll have to locate the Choose a refresh rate section and click on the drop-down button to select the refresh rate as per your requirement.Choose a refresh rate section
  5. Now, a display will pop up asking you to confirm whether you want to Revert Back or Keep The Changes. So, hit the Keep The Changes button.Keep The Changes

That’s it. Now, you have successfully set up your Display’s refresh rate on Windows 11. We hope this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, please ask us in the comment section if you have any problems while performing the steps mentioned above. 


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