One of the great things about Windows is that it allows a user to customize its elements at a certain level. From changing custom fonts and taskbar panels, all are under your control, and you can alter anything you want.

Thus, the claims of mouse cursor changing are appropriately correct. Windows also has a handful of mouse cursors to change and customize. If you have been bored with using the default mouse cursor for years, then you have a way to opt for another cursor.

If you are looking for how to customize the mouse cursor in Windows, then we got you covered. Follow this exclusive tutorial to make your cursor more lively like you.

How to Customize Mouse Cursor in Windows 11

Windows 11 knows for customizing scopes for users. You have many mouse cursors to choose from. If who doesn’t know where to navigate to get the best mouse cursor, then read the article till the end. You will get everything about mouse cursor customization in Windows.

Steps to Change Mouse Cursor Style

If you want to change the trademark white-filled mouse cursor, follow this guide to get the different mouse pointer styles.

  1. Press Windows > Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Then click on the Mouse pointer and touch.
  3. Now you can select any mouse pointer which suits your eyes.
  4. Even you can change the size of the pointer accordingly.

Alternative Ways of Change Mouse Cursor

  1. Press Windows > search for Control Panel > Open it.
  2. Next, click on the Ease of Access in the Control Panel.
  3. Then click on the Change how your mouse works.
  4. Here you can choose your preferred mouse pointer. Then click on apply and Ok lastly.

Steps to Change the Speed of Mouse Pointer

Do you want to adjust the speed mouse cursor? Then, follow these super simple steps to adjust its speed.

  1. Press Windows > Settings > Bluetooth & devices.
  2. Then click on Touchpad or Mouse, and you will get the adjustable lines for up and down.
  3. Now adjust the speed of the mouse cursor or touchpad movement.

How to Customize Mouse Cursor Properties

Don’t like the existing mouse pointer icon? Well, you can customize the mouse pointer in any icon and change its properties. This is what you need to follow to customize the mouse icon.

  1. Press Windows > Settings > Bluetooth & devices.
  2. Now click on the Mouse.
  3. Then click on Additional mouse settings.
  4. The Mouse properties will show up, and head over to the pointer tab.
  5. Now select any pointer, and even you can upload any icon to use as a mouse pointer.
  6. Finally, click on Apply, and then click the Ok button.

Steps to Change the Color of the Mouse Cursor

Generally, the mouse pointer looks black and white most of the time. But there is a way to change its color who wants more personalization. Let’s follow these steps to change the color of the mouse.

  1. Press Windows > Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Therefore click on the Mouse pointer and touch.
  3. Now choose the color-integrated mouse, and choose your favorite color from the panel.

Final Words

Windows allow a user to modify its element in moderation. You can’t do whatever you want, like Linux. Still, Windows has left enough room for changing the mouse cursor.

Following the tutorial, you can easily customize the mouse cursor in Windows 11. If you are facing any to perform all shared methods to personalize the cursor, let us know in the comment section.


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